Tour Bostswana/Victoria Falls

Jan 10th, 2004, 03:52 PM
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Tour Bostswana/Victoria Falls

What do you think with 2Africa? 6 nights at Chobe Safari Lodge and air from JNB for $995+295 txs land price?
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Jan 11th, 2004, 05:14 AM
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First, you don't indicated time of year traveling;
Second, you don't indicate from where you're departing (US, Europe, Canada, or ?);
Third, is that flight including to Botswana;
Fourth and only my personal opinion 6-nts too long any camp/lodge other than if one is visiting East Africa during Migration.

We don't have enough info!
Jan 11th, 2004, 06:49 AM
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this is just a land only price have air from US. For 1-7March04 price includes air to/from JNB to Kasane,tour to Vic Falls plus 2 daily Boat/car/or walking safari B/D daily.The lodge is just outside Chobe, moderate rating. My feeling too is it might be a little long also and we want to spend time in Capetown area too. Do you reccommend Kruger area over Botswana during this time?
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Jan 11th, 2004, 07:46 AM
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Sandy thanks. This is for the 1st week of March04. We can do 2Afrika 6 nights in Botwana Pkg. or I found we could do Honeyguide for 4 nights-3 meals/2 drives per day for about the same price??? Which do you think for this time of year?? I just want to leave enough time for Cape Town!!! This is for my workaholic husband who turns 50!!! Time is important!
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Jan 11th, 2004, 12:46 PM
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Do I understand correctly that the Botswana trip includes r/t air JNB/VFA, time in Vic Falls (with hotel) and tour the falls, then transfer by road to Chobe, with accommodations and meals and game drives. Or is it a full 6-nites Chobe?

Well if you want to visit Vic Falls and spend at least 1-nt, and part of a day, then it's okay - the actual Falls tour only takes about an hour, and nowadays many people want to get out of VFA, though we had a day there and it was fun and safe and we managed to find lots of inexpensive trinkets for gifts.

There is really no place to buy anything at Chobe. Prices at VFA are a whole lot less expensive than in CPT. And then March is considered "green season" in Botswana with rain, and high grasses, sometimes not so easy to spot animals.

Or Honeyguide - which includes air to Hoedspruit, land transfer to/fr camp, 4-nts game drives, meals and return flight. We spent 2-nts at Honeyguide and enjoyed ourselves, but I normally don't spend more than 3-nts at any camp. And I have no idea what the weather is like this year, for this coming March. Who knows. Maybe one of our So. African responders can advise what weather to expect in Kruger in their "going into Fall" season.

As mentioned in another post, if I were going to Kenya during Migration only then would I consider spending more time at one place.

I can't make the decision for you. See what other responses you get. Sorry I can't do any better.
Jan 14th, 2004, 06:41 PM
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As a Backpacker I would like to travel to Victoria Falls and the Safarais of Botswana and\or surounding countries. How worried should I be of Malaria?
Iam reading all this stuff on Malaria cause this is bugging my mind away. your replies are greatly aprecciated.
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Jan 27th, 2004, 08:37 PM
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Hey Sandi you seem somewhat knowledgeable on this area. We are traveling to Botswana on March 20 for approx. 2 weeks and spending two days in each location, Okavango, Moremi, Savute, Chobe, Victoria Falls. This is after a couple of nights in Johannesburg. How does this sound? There seems to be a definite problem with buying gifts in the Botswana locations due to baggage restrictions therefore we hope that we can pickup some trinkets in Victoria Falls before our final flight to Johannesburg and back to Canada. Some suggestions have been that 2 nights is too short in a lodge but we are movers (not necessarily shakers) but we sure do like to look around. How does this sound? Truly appreciate the feedback from you well-traveled folk. I get all of my best info from you. God Bless.
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Jan 28th, 2004, 12:00 AM
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People definitely have different preferences on how long to stay at camps. It partially depends on the camp (for example a camp with both water and land activities is worth more time...) Other than Chobe, which is fine/best with 2 nights I prefer three. Reasons: at these camps you do early morning activities, the late afternoon into evening activities. Late dinner. There is alot of activity, and you grow to depend on the midday rest to nap, relax, organize digital photos, clean photo equipment, catch up with journaling and bird lists. When you change camps you either:
1)Miss the morning activity cause you are transferring to the next camp, which is a bummer, cause that's why you are there
2)Miss the mid-day catch-up time, which gets taken over by packing/unpacking, rush to airstrip, or fast trip down a dusty road. This leaves you a bit tired, and not as ready to fully enjoy the afternoon/evening activity at your next camp.

And these transfers can take alot of time, even by plane. You end up waiting by the airstrip, and (in the Okavango) hopping around from one airstrip to another. Then there is often a fairly long drive from the airstrip to the camp.

Yes, sometimes you do see good stuff on transfers--the view from the air can be nice, and on one lucky transfer in Zambia we had to stop for 30 minutes cause 3 lionesses with a cub didn't want to move from the road! But by and large transfers are a hassle and I prefer to minimize the time spent on them. Most of these places can show you lots of diversity if you are there for 3 nights. For example: Okavango and Moremi could keep me happy for as long as I could stay! Worth 3 nights at least, and I'd stay 4 if I could. 2 nights a Chobe is plenty. Vic Falls--2 nights is fine. Doesn't take that long to see the falls (though most of the day if you walk over to Zambia), and you will have time to have tea/drinks at the Vic Falls Hotel, the sunset cruise (which was fun) and do some shopping. If you want to do other activities like whitewater rafting/the elephant-back bush-walk, etc. you might need another night. I actually enjoyed interacting with the elephants (which were orphans from culls years ago)
Don't know about Savuti...I'm spending 3 nights there on my next trip.
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Jan 28th, 2004, 06:07 AM
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Sprig -

You don't mention which actual camps you'll be staying at in the Delta - whether water only, land only, or combination water and land camps.

But agree with "tashak" that transfers do take time, however, they are done after the morning game drive (and breakfast), allowing you to arrive at next camp in time for lunch and some catching your breath before your late afternoon/evening activities. Sure it's time consuming, but you certainly can't "simply walk."
This is the way it is done in the Delta.

You might want to consider staying at one of the camps at least 3-days, or eliminate 1-camp and spend 3-days each at only 2-camps. Chobe doesn't require more than 2-days, as Vic Falls also 2-days max unless there are some specific activities in which you want to participate.

You should have a combination of camps - and if you have three, one should be water, another land, and third a combination. And this can determine which one you'd prefer to spend a 3rd day. Your tour operator should be able to advise you on this.

As to trinkets/gifts, your best best is in Vic Falls after your limited weight flights. There are a few shops at Vic Falls airport (where they prefer USD cash), but I'd wait till you returned to JNB and once in the Int'l departures area, you'll find lots of shops (can pay by credit card).

Hope this helps.


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