Tips for traveling to zanzibar in tanzania


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Tips for traveling to zanzibar in tanzania

For those looking for Africa and Safari, try to see how much Zanzibar can turn your trip into a honeymoon. Today the government thinks about progress. It is developing tourism and the hotel industry. Thinking about the potential of the region along with flow from Mauritius and Seychelles.

Imagine on a morning waking up with the Serengeti's orange sun, sipping coffee watching giraffes and zebras galloping, and after a few hours sitting on the beach with a nice glass of white wine. I have no words to describe this trip.

The town of Stone (Stone Town), is a chapter apart. Its alleys, with mosques, bazaars and colonial houses reflect its history and are considered a patrimony of humanity. For those who like to explore the places, do not forget to book an afternoon or a day to get to know the City of Stone. At the end of the day, watch the sunset near the harbor, where kids jumping in the water, and women and children stroll. It's a great opportunity to meet local people and photograph them.

Beaches of Zanzibar in Tanzania

The most beautiful beaches of Zanzibar are in the northern part of the island. Like Nungwi. There are also the largest and most popular resorts. In the eastern part of the island, the resorts are smaller and more exclusive. The entire eastern part has a barrier reef and the tide can change drastically. We did not stay at Tulia and we loved the opportunity to keep up with the changing tide. It's a unique phenomenon!

Still in the east, there is the Rock restaurant, a local food restaurant, better known for its different style of being on a rock, than for its food. It sits on Pingwe beach, it is a cool place to visit, take pictures and interact with local children and fishermen.

Distances are short on the island. It usually takes no more than an hour from one place to another. Then you can stay on the beaches of the east, see the phenomenon of the tide and quietly visit the beaches of the north or other beaches along the east coast.

If you decide to rent a car, it is important to know that the island is English and visibly the traffic there does not have many rules. Check with your hotel to schedule a driver or arrange the tour.

The best times to visit Zanzibar in Tanzania, is from June to October and December to February.

The islands of Mnemba and Pemba are super paradisiacal and known for offering spectacular dives.

Holiday Rentals Zanzibar Flights

We arrived in Zanzibar via Johannesburg in South Africa by the airline FastJet, it is a version of EasyJet - a low cost airline from Africa. The flight cost around $ 120 per person. Only carry a 7kg bag. Anyone who has more than this has to dispatch and is charged $ 15 if made in advance. Another option is to buy a flight to Dar Es Salam and buy another flight to Zanzibar from there. I found the first and best option cheaper.
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