Timeshare Travel


Jan 15th, 1999, 02:47 AM
L. Zeev
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Timeshare Travel

Since I had several questions by some of the fodors members ( like Buddy Brooks by email and Marie/Brandon trough this forum , i think it will be nice to open a new topic about Timeshare Travel .
I own timeshare for 7 years and I almost an expert in the subject , and I will be happy to answer any question on traveling trough timeshare .
Here are some answers that I alreay gave to the members :

1. Timeshare is NOT an investment !!
if you think you will make money out of it , you will NOT !!
2. Timeshare is not an ideal or everyone , only if you travel at least once a year , it means that anyway you have to pay for the flightsor rented car , in that case you can save money on the accommodation.
3. Timeshare is a way of vcation that you can spend value time with your family and love ones.
4. Most of the timeshares are in Resorts that have everything inside and far from
Capital Cities.
5. If someone want to buy timeshars here are some guiding lines :

* never buy from places that are almost forcing you to buy and telling you that they have discoun " only today".

* Try to buy second hand from an owner-
you can get almost half price !

* You must know the company that you can make exchnges , RCI is good .

* Never buy if the timeshare is limited for
a several years , buy only if it's for good and for all generations to come .

* You must buy a Red week in the lowest cost and with the lowest maintenance

* You have to bare in mind that the costs
of one week timeshare Without taking to considerations the the first investment of the purchase and the lost of interest are :

Maintenance about $300
RCI membership about $130
RCI exchange fee about $160
RCI guest certificate about $ 50

Total - $640

If you can reduce the above total to $350
I will say go for it !
But if not , it is too expencive , try to take
deals for vacations !

* It is trough that some of the Gold Crown
Resorts charge for a week about $1800
and it looks like you can save some money , but again you can save only if anyway you travel at least once a year !

* getting a timeshare exchange in Capital City are very hard to get , because of the big demand and the low offers.
The reason for it is : Lets say someone
has a week in London that cost $2000
a week , he will keep it to himself or for close family and rarely will put it on the market !

I am willing to answer any question about the subject .
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