Time for Sinai


Aug 22nd, 2000, 05:00 PM
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Time for Sinai

I will be visiting Egypt this Dec/Jan. and will be in Cairo for 5-6 days. Will I have enough time to visit Mt. Sinai for 1-2 days during this time? The remainder of my time in Egypt will be on a Nile cruise and in Luxor and surrounds.
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Aug 30th, 2000, 06:54 PM
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You really need more than 1 day, 2 days minimum. When I was there in 1998, there were no direct flights to Mount Sinai, although I believe there was a small airport outside of the town. That may have changed, but if it hasn't, you have to fly into Sharm el-Sheikh and then get a ride to Mt. Sinai if you are on your own. We climbed Mt. Sinai at night to see the sunrise, and it was a wonderful experience. It's also a tough climb if you're over 40 -- you are up about 7500 feet, and believe me, despite what the tour books will tell you, you are climbing up, up, up for what feels like forever.

It will definately be very cold on the mountain -- it was at night during the end of May -- so dress very warmly and in layers. Bring gloves and something for your head because of the wind. Also, check the dates to ensure that St. Catherine's monastery is open. It is a working monastery, not just a tourist attraction, so the days and hours are limited and subject to being closed on holy days, etc. We loved Mt. Sinai and wished we had stayed longer.
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