Third Time in Israel is a Charm!


Sep 14th, 1999, 04:09 PM
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Third Time in Israel is a Charm!

Our Jewish family will be visiting Israel this winter, some of us for the third time. Are there any interesting out-of-the-way places for us to add to our itinerary? We've seen many of the "touristy" sites.
Thank you.
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Sep 15th, 1999, 02:07 AM
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Will you have a car? Have you decided where you will be staying yet?
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Sep 15th, 1999, 12:53 PM
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Some thoughts from our last 2 trips -- I've omitted those places that are usually covered in tours.

1) Ticho House - landscapes by Anna Ticho and a collection of Hanukkah menorahs by her husband
2) the Biblical Zoo
3) Museum of Islamic Art
4) We also took some of the walks in one of the walking tour books of Jerusalem and thoroughly enjoyed them. Also took a great tour of the old city by (I think) David's Walking Tours - don't know if he's still doing them.

Between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv:
1) Sorek Stalgmite Cave
2) Bet Guvrin - limestone bell caves.
3) Neve Shalom - cooperative village of Jews and Arabs. Not much there, but an interesting concept. You also can stay there (we did) - kind of like a kibbutz hotel.
4) Lubavitch community with an exact duplicate of Rabbi Schneerson's house in Brooklyn! I can't exactly remember where this was.

North - Galilee & Golan
1) Horseback riding in the Galilee at Vered Hagalil in Korazim. We also stayed there - it was one of my favorite places.
2) Nimrod's Fortress - Golan Heights
3) Doll Museum in Katzrin - diaramas of scenes of Biblical and other Jewish history and holidays
4) Golan Heights winery
5) walking around Sfat and poking into the old synagogues - it's nice and quiet
As you can see, we didn't really venture far south in our last 2 trips -- did go to Arad, which I actually found interesting as a planned community, and to Tel Arad.

We had a car (which was my first time traveling with a car) and just had a lot of fun seeing where the road took us. E-mail me if you have any questions.

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Sep 28th, 1999, 10:48 AM
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If you have not done it before, you must take the "Tunnel Tour" along the Western Wall, where they have excavated along the Wall for several hundred meters under the Moslem quarter. Ataret Hacohanim runs a tour ($18 donation per person). You have to book well in advance and can do it through their website. This tour is a must. It takes 4 hours.
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