Thinking of Africa made me cry...a belated thanks

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I remember when you were planning your trip last year. I am not at all surprised that Africa has touched your heart and soul the way that it has. I think that feeling is true for most of us. For me, the wonder of Africa is a feeling of heightened senses. I feel more alive in Africa than anywhere else in the world.

While I may have a desire to see a particular animal that has eluded me on prior trips, that isn't the reason I return. While I may try to get that perfect photo I missed last time, that isn't the reason I return either. I return to Africa solely to recapture that wonderful feeling of just being there and feeling in awe of the entire experience once more. If I see that elusive animal, or if I get that perfect photo, that's just icing on the cake. But, neither is the reason I yearn to go back.

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In his book, "On Safari", David Anderson quoted me: "Africa touches me to the core of my being...The glory of Europe is its History, but the glory of Africa is its LIFE!" Yes, I've been to Italy and enjoyed it, but it didn't change my life as Africa did. When I'm in Africa, I'm home. Last Saturday, I was in the San Francisco airport, flying home from a business trip. I looked out a window and saw the big jumbo jets at the international terminal and suddenly experienced such a strong longing to be on a plane to Africa; it was literally a physical ache in my chest! Oh yes, I get it!
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How better to describe what I mean by "magnet" !!! You perfectly proved my point. Thank You!

I'm leaving on Thursday on that jetplane!!!
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Have fun, Safarimama! I'll be with you in spirit. I'll just have to wait until September for my physical trip (Tanzania.)
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I was so glad to see this thread. I've been back from Tanzania over a month and cannot stop thinking about it. It seems like the only time I'm not thinking about the wonderful time I had is when I'm scheming on how to get back there as soon as possible.

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safarimama, sorry I forgot that we did say June for nando's and a wonderful visit! You go, enjoy - and if you get to Swakupmund (spelling?, can't remember how to spell it!), they have a Nando's there! You can't miss it, it's on the 'main' street which isn't big - right beside a bank with an ATM.
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AFRICA - once you get there one becomes AFRICA. every fibre and breath - AFRICA.
it's not about animals, people,'s about being......
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so now i'm sitting here with tears splashing on my keyboard as all of you have said so well how i feel about africa. . . yearning to go back, and will, somehow . . .
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After five safaris, no day passes that I don't think and dream of Africa. I'm addicted! I get teary, too, when I read this forum!
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Are we a cult?
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Lynda, no, I never used the stapler, but left it with my friends who were there for the summer. But the extra notebook came in handy to play hangman, make fortune tellers and other paper games for the 6 and 8 year old.

I was amazed at how well behaved and easily adaptable my friend's kids were over there. Hopefully they will remember their time there and be glad they spent a summer away from the pool. It was sad to hear that when they came home and started back at school, someone who went to Disneyworld was the school yard hero. I guess the adventures of Africa are just too foriegn to them to relate to. And it seems that way with some adults too. My friend asked me if people didn't want to hear about my trip. It seemed that folks would ask her a question and then quickly want to move on to a more safe, everyday topic.

I think that is why this forum is so nice. I knew there were others who just turned their computers to the Africam and were getting jazzed about the wtering hole too, not just me.
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A cult, Lynn? Nah, just displaced! Still, I wonder how many of us would feel the same if we lived there. That's a totally different experience from our short visits.
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