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bryana2002 Oct 25th, 2021 02:18 PM

so fantastic. Thanks for the in-depth report and fantastic photos! did you feel that the covid testing and re-entering the states was pretty easy? Thinking of going to Kenya in February and mostly concerned about getting back in

CaliNurse Nov 11th, 2021 09:07 PM

Surfmom, thank you so much. The photos!! The memories!!!
Been away from Fodors for awhile, but this post was worth the wait.
Hoping to return some day to this amazing (in every way) part of the world, I enjoyed living vicariously through your writing and pix, including comments at the end. Yes--the people!!!!

StefersonAirplane Nov 12th, 2021 08:24 AM

What an amazing adventure, your photos are SO gorgeous ! This is such a dream of a trip, thanks so much for sharing :)

surfmom Nov 15th, 2021 08:22 AM

ugh, I've been absent, so will catch up with replies. ◡̈

odie1 We liked seeing the gorillas twice. Our thoughts were if we went that far, it was worth it. However, I think I would have planned an extra day in-between to do some hiking, see the town, see the monkeys, and just get a break. The two days were such different experiences, it was nice to be able to compare and contrast them.

bon_voyage not sure! I think we are going to try Rome and the Amalfi Coast in spring. I have a HS senior who likes history and the college girls aren't so into it, so that is a trip that won't create too much heart-ache! And we've booked the Maldives for Christmas 2022 - a catamaran. We are water people and love the combination of the active and chill time on a private cat.

amyb that is funny about toothbrushes. When we went to the travel dr for malaria prescription before the trip, she recommended throwing in an extra toothbrush and if you have tummy troubles, throw it away!

bryanaaryala It wasn't a big deal to get the covid tests - and our travel agent set it all up for us. The worst part is the unknown of 'what happens if I test positive?' I did feel like that a little bit in the back of my mind at all times. But we knew that going in and decided it was worth it.

CaliNurse thanks for the compliments! I know we've shared many similar experiences! ◡̈

StefersonAirplane Thank you. I love to take pictures. I'm not so good about doing anything with them, so it is a goal this year to get some of them hung on the walls!

StefersonAirplane Nov 22nd, 2021 04:25 AM

You should definitely hang some on your walls, they're gorgeous ! What kind of photo equipment do you use, if that's not indescrete ?

ameesterline0787 Jan 2nd, 2022 09:23 AM

What TA or outfitter did you use
Hello. Currently beginning to plan for a safari/grills trek/beach vacation in Africa and love your posts about your recent family trip. I think you may have mentioned GameWatcher (or something close) in one of your posts. Is that who planned your trip?


live42day Jan 2nd, 2022 11:22 PM

I Just came across this great report. Wonderful writing and beautiful photos. I was at Porini lion in 2017 and Jeffrey Wu was there then too. My trip in 2019 was very similar to yours, Amboseli and then Porini lion again and then gorilla hike uganda
I am planning a third trip next year, I just canít seem to get enough and I rarely go anywhere twice. We booked the previous two trips and the upcoming one all through gamewatchers. I really loved the service before and during the trip and the camps are great. I canít wait to go again, thanks for getting me all excited

surfmom Apr 19th, 2022 06:32 PM

hi guys! sorry, I've been absent.

StefersonAirplane I used a canon 6d mirrorless with a 100-400 lens. On the gorilla hike, I used my 70-200 2.8 lens. The gorilla shooting was very difficult, so I was happy with anything.

ameesterline0787 We used Gamewatchers to book our trip. Absolutely would use them again (and probably will!)

live42day So funny that you also saw Jeffrey Wu. I follow him on IG and get jealous and want to go back! Glad to hear you are going again. It really is a magical place. ◡̈

zebec Apr 19th, 2022 07:15 PM

Yo SM,
Bravo on a very fine TR with accompanying photo essay! My faves were those leopard shots plus your giraffe. Your trip was obviously a lot of fun for the whole family. Your post @#77 separates your report from the majority of others--superb Q&A summaries wherein everyone had a voice.
Ugandan musical suggestion: the first 2 albums by the late Geoffrey Oryema--'Exile' then especially 'Beat the Border'. They'd make a great soundtrack if ever you were you to arrange this TR into a digital slide show or whatever.

Where to next?
I am done. the end.

surfmom Apr 20th, 2022 12:57 PM

zebec thanks for the kind words!

Will have to check out those music suggestions. ◡̈

next? We've just come back from southern Utah - Zion and surroundings. A week of hiking (all), rock climbing and canyoneering (boy and dad), photo shooting (me), and exploring (all). Particularly love Coyote Butte South - didn't see another soul there and it is a wow! figuring out the next one. ◡̈

belindahmoglin2624 Apr 25th, 2022 11:57 AM


zebec Apr 25th, 2022 04:09 PM

Did you happen to read the article on the Fodors title page about 'what not to do while on safari'?
The '10 tips' there surely would bring some stories to mind, yeah?
I am done. the leopard eyes

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