thanks: great lakes & eco-resorts.

Mar 30th, 2006, 04:39 PM
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thanks: great lakes & eco-resorts.

hi guys,got back late mon from uganda & kenya.
there wont be a detailed report-sorry.but some kind of report.
at first my main thing in uganda was: chimp habituation. then my job took care of that for me. they pulled the weekend overtime weeks before i was to leave. so there was no way i would have the money for that.i even had to cut my kibale stay short.ended up in entebbe longer than i thought i would.
as it turned out-the habit. program would not be going on any way. because of the elections they did not want anyone in the park in the dark hrs. so i kinda lucked out there.
i did 4 chimp trackings. almost did a 5th- but the 4th was so good. i decided not to. there was no point-wanted to finish on a high note.good video with the chimps and the mzuri sana ranger i had and the other mzuri sana i asked to tag along with us. those male chimps are crazy!to good for still pics-video all the way.
i stayed it what they call: the elevated banda. nice place- but who could complain for 35bucks a nt.
as always the rangers, people who work the canteen, and the people that live near by. are wonderful. of course my greatlakes driver: gerald- great guy. glad greatlakes got him for me. jaynefer at greatlakes-again was helping me so much because of my issue at work. then finally we got it together.a side note: i really enjoy visiting the greatlakes office in kampala. the owner AMOS, and the ladies who work in the office are so nice.
weather pretty good. heavy rain during the first mon morn tracking.still went out though. i asked my driver to tag along with us. there was only 3 of, gearld & ranger.all the trackings i had special treatment.
food very good at that small canteen- no issues at all.
i stayed at: sophies motel in entebbe. nice place. food ok, service in the bar/dining area ok. could use some improvement though.
the person i remember most: Freddy the driver.we hit it off right away the eve i got there.had to give him a good tip when i left- very nice older man.
off to kenya very early mon morn. of course my main man and brother kashu was waiting for me. we hit the road to his place to chill a bit, get cleaned up, see his girl marianne.
then we had to stop at the kws office in nairobi. had to meet a new friend there. she was helping me for weeks on a few things.
getting my ranhger friend quri huka to visit it with us again.
go on a truck patrol with kws
and viewing the bone house they have at the voi station.
only the last one worked out.
my kws lady friend was told quri would be there. well, he wasnt-he was up in turkana on leave.very sad about that- he is a good friend.
the patrol thing- didnt really expect it anyway.
but the bone house- very cool. piles from a culling yrs ago, droughts, poaching. much history there.yes you need permission to see this. the kws lady was so helpful and nice.
she didnt even know about this-now she does.
because of the silly weather- game was almost nowhere to be found. even out towards satao camp an hrs drive from voi gate-nothing there this was so hot and burning.but worth the ride. i like going out there.
i noticed out to the left of the satao water holes a dead elephant-just was not there in june. so they let me walk out there with one of the camp guys. i wanted to see it and tape it. i have a thing for bones and the like.
we still had our lions & hyenas singing in the nt near camp. at the ndololo camp site- no fences! thats the way i like it.
a UK couple from SA was doing a road trip. they stopped here for 2nts.nice people- very funny, and at about 60yrs old-love to party haha.that SA wine is really good. the husband emailed me already.hope to see them again.
of course the baoons and verits are always trying to do thier thing.they know us by now- they dont bug us much.
oh, an over-land crew came in for 1nt. well, the baboons had fun with was something to seems they never had to deal with baboons before.we couldnt stop laughing.
finally at the camp site-new toilets an showers!!!!!
we stayed 4nts- still had a great time.we always do my driver kashu & cook lucas.
we left for nairobi on the friday morn.
i either stay at kashus place or at: didi's guest house.nice place for 2500 shillings the double room.
while in nairobi-really just outside at a suburb called: karen.
we always go to this outside cage. always i am the only mzungu haha. no problem at all. make new friends there everytime.
one quick story then that it:
the sun i was leaving we stopped in this cafe about 3pm. had lunch, tuskers. before we knew it we had 2 other guys and a mzurisana sitting with us.
then this old, big, a bit drunk masai man comes in.he stops at other tables. then kashu asks him to sit down. after awhile he starts with giving me some signals. he was trying to ask me to buy him a beer. i said no problem he got his beer.
then he talks to kashu, kashu tell me he is very pleased and happy you got this beer.
next time you visit he wants to show you his home, his cows and he wants to give you one of his cows! yes he does. because of a beer.
thought it was pretty nice of him.
believe it or not- one of the high-lites.
of course anything i see or whatever people i meet and kashu & i being like brothers. i could never have done any of this without melinda of eco-resorts.always a huge help and
knowing what to do for me.
about pics and video.
in kibale all video. some stills at camp. not much at all.
in kenya- some video. very little stills.
hardly any game around in tsavo this time.
thats ok- was able to relax a bit.
thats about it.
cheers, d

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Mar 31st, 2006, 11:24 AM
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Thanks for the report. Too bad the animals in Tsavo were hiding. Iíd love to see those crazy chimps. For your work I need a smiley thatís throwing up, but I canít find one. You have to return soon to get your cow! Have you noticed the aardvark thread? Youíve seen one in the Mara. Havenít you?

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Mar 31st, 2006, 02:18 PM
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Another very interesting trip! Thanks for sharing. And a cow for a beer is a pretty fair trade.
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Mar 31st, 2006, 02:22 PM
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Thanks for the quick report, David.
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Mar 31st, 2006, 05:37 PM
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hi,yes i agree of course-i am getting the better of the deal with the cow for a beer haha.
i like to mention about all these trackings i did-they were worth
only 50.00bucks per track ( cant beat it),because i know the rangers there now and also i know a warden just transfered from queen eliz park to kibale. who i met in june-on the tues he fixed it so i was tracking alone with a ranger.
oh you would not believe the people that were showing up for the morn track! no way- i i skipped that one.i knew i would be lucky for the 2nd track.
but it took 4 tracks to get that real good one. for my self i dont have an issue staying in one place for some time. things change suddenly. would i suggest staying at a place like kibale for 4 or 5 nts? if you want chimps- i'd say yes. the chimp researcher there-julia is very nice. everyone there is awesome. if you go to uganda-try to stay 3nts.
i have to call jan goss this weekend let her know that the satao camp area is empty.
oh i did my first game drive- ME- I drove my land cruiser in tsavo east. for a couple of hrs- weird with the wheel on the other side was fun being able to drive in tsavo.
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Apr 1st, 2006, 11:58 AM
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Thanks for the update Dave.You got it right there is nothing better than video.
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Apr 1st, 2006, 01:00 PM
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hi dlo,i am starting to get more into the video thing these 3rd trip using it- i find my self using it more and more.
even looking back at one of the dvd's from june- i had forgotten about what my masai driver kashu was saying while viewing elephants & buffalo at voi safari lodge one eve.pretty good stuff he was explaining.
for the chimps-just the sounds alone is worth forgetting about stills.
between the root banging,fighting,screaming,howling,tree swinging-amazing things on video.
i am not saying forget the stills all together. you need them for the camp, people,truck,some wildlife if the time and moment is there.oh i still will bring both me. but geared more towards video.
thx, d
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Apr 2nd, 2006, 08:02 PM
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Was it just you on the Great Lakes portion?

How close were the chimps to you at the closest point? At what distance did you observe them for most of the time?

Were you able to find the chimps in the morning before they awoke?

So when are you going back to retrieve your cow? Great story!

Thanks for posting!
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Apr 3rd, 2006, 02:35 AM
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hi lynn, let me get back later-just at work this morn.
thx, d
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Apr 3rd, 2006, 05:03 PM
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hi lynn, yes just me for the greatlakes and eco-resorts thing. the whole trip-thats the way i like it.when i can- i do it that way.
for greatlakes-me and my driver gerald.
i paid gls at the office what i owed them.
in kibale i paid directly there.
fuel for the truck-i pay as we go.
food, water, ect pay as we go.
the chimp tracking money-paid directly at kibale when i was done.
i think thats it for that stuff.

the chimps-all the time-some in the trees and some on the ground. we had male chimps on the first and 4th trackings.
with only females and babies around-its pretty quiet. no crazyness and the like.
what ever we saw even though it seemed very high-was can see and hear everything. and follow what they are doing.
the last tracking-we had one huge male walking from our right-right at us!all flexed up and big.then at about 15feet-he turned slightly away-went to his buddies.
many on the ground-males loosing their minds,some fighting,mating calls, all kinds of stuff.the 2nd in command male after some action-started going after my
female park ranger(harriot).you have to stand your ground! she had no choice-she
almost wet her-self haha. she stood there-the male got pretty close-then decided to get back to sit by the tree.
if harriot were to take off-the chimp would go after her.
as soon as it all started it stopped! of course all on video.
even right now- am burning one of those tapes to dvd.
it took 4 trackings to get a tracking like that-but who could know.thats the beauty of wildlife viewing-you never know whats around that corner.
hope this helps lynn.
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Apr 4th, 2006, 05:34 PM
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Thanks for the additional details. Those male primates do like to intimidate human females, like your guide. I've had it happen to me with baboons too.

Never thought of elections affecting the game activities. I usually try to avoid elections in Africa but did not think of it canceling a game activity.

Must have been many thrilling moments in Kibale.
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Apr 4th, 2006, 07:22 PM
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I know you do mostly video now, but will you alert this board when/if you put up photos from your most recent trip?

Thanks, and again, I enjoyed reading about your latest adventure very much.
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Apr 5th, 2006, 12:57 PM
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hi lynn, those baboons are not afraid of mzungus! not even a little bit.
about the elections-it was all over by the time i got there-and really no issues. but
they still had orders-they wanted no one inside the park during the dark hrs.
no one knew-not even greatlakes people.i found out from the reseachers at kibale.
again you would never know that elections were held.
oh, i love kibale.

leely,i really hardly took any pics.the handful i have is of people and the accom. i stayed in. in tsavo-some people,and the bone house at voi gate.
but i will alert when i post them. again nothing all that special.
thx, d
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Apr 7th, 2006, 03:23 PM
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hi to the ones that posted here. wanted to let you know i burned to dvd the day of the really good chimp-tracking. amazing stuff.even if the the chimp sounds were by them selfs still awesome and very loud.
also much information from the ranger tracker.
no, i havent posted pics yet-sorry.
thx d
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Apr 8th, 2006, 06:53 AM
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I saw that you had written a bit on your ďVirtual Tourist" thing. When will there be pictures?
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Apr 8th, 2006, 07:00 AM
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soon i guess sue-be warned there is almost nothing in pics this time. the ugandan forest too dark-video is better any way. tsavo-like i said was pretty much empty this time.
but will let you know what i have i will post.
see ya d
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Apr 15th, 2006, 05:46 PM
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hi there, i just realized the other day i am missing a couple of rolls of film.from my march it turns out i left them with my kws friend in kenya! i had so much film left over. i gave some to my driver and kws friend. she has 2 rolls marked. so along with a tsavo west shirt-she is sending me back those 2 rolls.
cheers, d
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Apr 15th, 2006, 06:05 PM
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Something to look forward too. Kind of like your own Easter egg hunt.
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Apr 15th, 2006, 06:14 PM
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hahahaha, thx lynn thats a good done.i just sent out a package to her today.
it had dvd's for her, my driver and my ranger friend quri. also some photos for her,quri and my cook lucas.
i put in a few bucks for her to send that stuff to me. so it will be a few weeks.
lynn, you say something to look forward to. i may have more to look forward to than you know.i am not even sure just yet. but i can hope right now.
thx, d
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