Tanzania Trip Questions

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Tanzania Trip Questions

We are staying at the Ngorogoro Crater Lodge and then Klein's Camp late Sept for our honeymoon. Are looking for recommendations on what to bring in terms of clothes, meds, etc. How dressy are these places for dinner(for men & women) How cool does it get at night? Culturally, what should women wear/not wear? Is malaria medicine absolutely necessary? Any other tips & advice is welcome!
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I'm not sure of the location of the lodge as I was camping (September also) but I can tell you that it gets very cold at the crater rim. In that area you can wear just about anything, but places like Zanzibar are a different matter. <BR> <BR>I don't know that I'd want to risk getting malaria, although I never saw a single mosquito the entire time. Tsetse flies and ticks, yes. Definitely take something for upset stomachs and, in that part of the world, it doesn't hurt to take your own syringes just in case.
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Ngorongoro does get chilly especially at night. We were there late May, 1999 and the place does get some fog. During the day you can wear shorts but I would put on the jeans for night time. You don't have to get dressed for meal times as long as you're clean - T-shirts should be fine. As the earlier poster said, Zanzibar might be the only place that might be more sensitive to clothing issues. There are other areas that may have Moslem communities. In any case, if you are travelling with a guide, they should be able to tell you if you need to cover up. In my case, after snorkelling off Mafia Island, we went to visit a local village to see some ruins. I was wearing a skort on top of a swimsuit, and the guide told me to wrap a beach towel around my waist in order to cover my thighs and most of my legs. There was no problem as the local imam came out to greet all of us personally. I would take anti-malaria pills. Lariam can have side-effects. When I got back to the US, and I was finishing up the last of them as prescribed, I would feel a little woozy (I did not exeprience this feeling when I was in Tanzania). It didn't last too long and as soon as I finished all the pills, the condition disappeared. I believe the side-effects might also be dependent on your body weight (the dosages are the same regardless of whether you are a light or heavy weight). Make sure you bring insect repellants. They may not be as bothersome in the north because of the cooler temperatures but if you venture further south or go to places like Mafia, the mosquitos can come out. Also, bring sun block. You may not notice it, but sooner or later that sun does get to you. Bring some toilet paper as some of the rest stops, though clean are not up to western standards and do not necessarily supply toilet paper. Wet wipes should come in handy too. Of course, when I travel I always have a mini first aid kit- band aids, aspirin, antibacterial ointment, motion sickness pills, pepto-bismol tables, anti-diarrhea tablets etc. You just throw this all into a little ziplock bag. and stash in in your luggage. Be careful with your valuables. We stayed at the Serena Ngorongoro lodge and noticed some cash missing. We couldn't prove it happened there or at their Serengeti lodge the night before. I would say that most people are trustworthy but sometimes, things can be very tempting. Make sure valuables are well secured if you can't keep them in your eyesight especially when you go to the dining area for meals. Don't forget to get bottled water. I don't know how long you're staying but your guide can get a box for your trip. Make sure you drink periodically as dehydration can also creep up on you. Oh, and don't be shy about telling your guide if you need to go. If there are no rest rooms around, they'll pull aside as long as it's safe to do so. You won't be the first to do so. Let me know via this forum if you need more information.
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we were in tanzania in october last year..stayed in lodge at Ngorongoro...it can be cool in the evenings, so a sweater or wrap is advisable...it was our last stop on a weeklong safari throughout the serengeti and, other than putting on clean clothes at the end of the day for dinner, we didn't "dress" at all. We had some problems with electricity and hot water at our lodge, so be prepared to have cool showers in the dark! An absolute yes on anti malaria pills...there aren't as many mosquitos at the crater rim, but certainly are elsewhere...take plenty of insect repellent, plenty of peptobismol (chew before meals to prevent) and lomotil (I had one very bad day and was very thankful I had remembered to pack it!)
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Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is one of the most beautiful and unique places I've ever stayed. Next time we visit, we would definitely plan an extra couple days there! On safari, t-shirts and shorts are fine. Dinner at the lodge is casual, khakis and a shirt w/ collar. Zanzibar is probably the only place women should watch what they wear. <BR> <BR>Pepto Bismol was our most important med. Took it before ever meal. They say its too cold on Ngorongoro for mosquitoes but why chance it? Take the malaria meds. <BR> <BR>email me with any specific questions. bly

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