Tanzania safari, part 2


Jul 16th, 2002, 08:00 AM
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Tanzania safari, part 2

From Kirawira, we drove to Migration Camp. The scenery of the northern Serengeti is stunning. But, there was certainly less wildlife in the Migration Camp area than at any of our other destinations. The books attest to there being less wildlife here at this time of year, but they also say there are large resident populations in the area. They fail to say that the resident wildlife (at this time of year) is easily concealed by the extremely tall grasses. Also, reports say that there are large resident elephant populations. We stayed at Migration Camp for three nights and did not see even one elephant. However, the area is beautiful and we did see a spattering of exciting wildlife, including a cheetah, a few lions (who we couldn’t approach as off-road driving was not allowed in the area), and large herds of migrating zebras. Migration camp was really nice and a little more rustic than Kirawira which made for a good contrast. One other problem is that the rangers do a lot of burning in the Serengeti in the dry season (to try to reduce the chance of huge fires and to supposedly reduce the tsetse fly population) – and they had picked the Migration area for this year...so, we saw a lot of charred areas and smoke filled the air in some locations. This is something travelers should definitely inquire about with their safari companies.

After Migration Camp, our trip got better and better. We spent 3 nights in the Seronera area at Serena lodge – although a lodge, it has more of a camp feel to it. The units are actually hut-like with two or three rooms in each, and they are scattered in the trees in a manner that gives lots of privacy. The food was buffet style, but absolutely fantastic! There was a plethora of wildlife in the Seronera area. We saw 4 leopards in this area. And, the highlight was a pride of lions – of which we saw 3 lionesses with their 9 small cubs – on one of the kopjes....and, close enough for good photos. One morning we came upon another pride of lions (also right next to one of the roads) – and they were next to a drainage where there were some elephants. It was interesting to watch the interactions. Elephants are not really at risk from lions...but they don’t like them...they kept charging the lions. We sat and ate breakfast while watching them. There were also some remaining large herds of wildebeests/zebras in the Seronera area. We also splurged on a balloon ride, which was certainly one of the highlights of our trip. It was a completely different, and beautiful view of the Serengeti and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.
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Jul 16th, 2002, 11:48 AM
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Dear Laura

I have copied Part 2 and 3 into the same thread as Part 1 so that the whole report is together.

I suggest that all of us with questions post only on one thread (Part 1) so that future searchers will be able to read your report (and questions and answers in its eternity).

I hope you will forgive my presumption...

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