Tanzania Safari and Diving


Mar 10th, 1998, 02:01 PM
Peter Virsik
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Tanzania Safari and Diving

Peter ([email protected])

My fiance and I will be spending our honeymoon in Tanzania. We are planning on going for three weeks at the end of July and early August. We would like to take a Safaria and also go diving. We are trying to figure out how to see the guerilllas in Uganda, safari in Tanzania and a week scuba diving on Zanzibar/Pemba. Are questions are these: Can you plan one safari which hits the good spots in Tanzania and also goes to Uganda for the guerillas? Should we book a safari before we leave or should we book it when we get there? Are there price differences with these methods? What are nice places on Zanzibar and more importantly Pemba for staying? Has anyone dived on Zanzibar or Pemba? How expensive are the resorts on these islands and are there any recommendations? We do not want to spend much money butwe would like at least a week to relax in comfort on Zanzibar or Pemba. Any and all information would be appreciated. Thanks. Fell free to email me directly as well.
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Mar 12th, 1998, 07:30 AM
Joe T.
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Went to Tanzania Oct 96. Have been to Afriva on safari fto Kenya, Zimbabwee,Zambia and So.Africa. Tanzania was the roughest and toughest one of all! Questionnable if you could drive it on tour own. Set up tour before going. Try Saga Holidays-800-621-8200- , Overseas Adventure Travel-800-955-1925- or Micato Safaris -800-642-2861.
Scuba diving is not knoiwn but heard THAT local is under WATCH. Check for safety warning first.
Congrats on honeymoon and have Fun !
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Mar 12th, 1998, 11:42 AM
Old Al
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We found Tanzania to be, as this other gentleman says, a very rough place. The people have only lately come out from under the suffocating influence of a Communist-dominated government. They haven't a clue how to satisfy the needs of tourists. In fact, when the Aga Khan began to build and staff his chain of fashionable tourist sites, he had to send his entire Tanzanian staff to Nairobi for training. Swiss hotel people audit the physical facilities, the maintenance (or lack thereof), and other aspects of these hotels -- otherwise the facilities would sink back into ruin. Kenya is far more advanced, far more tourist-friendly. The guides, the drivers, the people we were in contact with were sullen, unfriendly, and would hardly talk. The people in Kenya, on the other hand, were marvelous. The contrast was total. The roads in Tanzania have to be seen to be believed -- they are awful. A few main blacktop roads connect major centers. The road from Arusha to Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro and on to the Serengeti will bust your bottom. It is unpaved, atrociously rutted, without any maintenance at all. Incidentally, you want to see the "gorillas" -- not the guerillas (that word means insurgent soldiers) -- and I don't think you want to have anything to do with them and their AK-47s. Get the romantic notions of East Africa out of your head, my friend. It is a tough place, slowly sinking back into tribal conflicts. You and your bride would make fine targets, especially in Tanzania. Kenya is light years better.
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Apr 11th, 1998, 02:01 AM
Malcolm Pringle-Wood
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Jean George in Harare Zimbabwe is an authority on diving in Pemba and Zanzibar she also has a wealth of contacts. I was diving off Pemba on a dive boat in Sept 97. The diving was fantastic completely uncrowded part of the world. Jeans phone number is 09263-4-499234.
The dive boat cost us 90 pounds a day which included brillant food your drinks and three dives a day well worth it.-thats per person.I will try and foward you the E-Mail adress of the agent who handles the boat as well as Jeans E-Mail address before the 15/04/98 as i am then off on two weeks leave.

Have fun and good diving.
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