Tanzania in mid-March


Dec 5th, 2004, 06:23 PM
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Tanzania in mid-March

We will be going to nothern Tanzania in mid-march. It will be a rainy season. What type of rain gear would be best? Will it be humid? Are bugs as much of a problem then?
Hot days? Cold nights?
What are some things that I might not think of to bring that I will wish I had! What about a 2-way radio?
Ever since I knew we were going, I cannot stopping thinking about it..as you can see with all the questions. I actually spared you several...which will, no doubt, come later.
Thanks for any input!!!
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Dec 6th, 2004, 05:02 AM
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Seasonally, the "long rains" season isn't until April and May, maybe into early June. So for travel mid-March you might completely miss any rain. But to be prepared for rain so have a rain slicker, sturdy shoes (preferally those that can we washed {washable suede, leather; not canvas], if you happen to get caught in mud), a rain hat. Most camps do have umbrellas.

We rarely encountered humidity after rains, but it might depend on what the outside temp is. But the dust did settle on the roads, which was nice. We never ran into a bug problem on any of our trips relating to the rain. But you should have repellent containing Deet, and if you tend to be an appetizer for biting things, suggest you use repellents regardless time of day.

Your daytime temps should be mild in the mid70s to mid80s, with cool to cold mornings/nights which depends also on your altitude. At a camp or lodge at/on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater it can be downright cold as you are at 7,000-ft. Be prepared with thermal layers under your shirts or sweaters which can be removed as the day goes by; have a heavy sweatshirt/jacket or sweaters of some kind.

Depending on whether you are doing your game drives in closed vehicles with pop-top roofs or open vehicles would determine the need for a warm hat, socks and gloves if in the open vehicles. Quite a bit of wind picks up once those open vehicles pick up speed. If you will have a guide/driver, they are equiped with two-way radios and/or cellphones - so no need to bring your own. Hope this answers some of your concerns.
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Dec 6th, 2004, 02:21 PM
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Sandi, you did a wonderful job explaining with all this information. I feel so much better having an idea of what maybe to expect. Thank you, again, for your detailed reply. I am so anxious to go that I wish it were happening right now instead of March!
By the way, I did think of something odd to bring that we usually travel with....duct tape. It is amazing all the things we have used it for like on luggage that got damages, etc.
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Dec 6th, 2004, 03:02 PM
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March is a strange month in Tanzania. In 2004, we had heavy rains in early March so you never know what you'll get.
While the rain itself should not impact your safari, please be aware that the roads (in the Ngorongoro and SE Serengeti towards Nduti) can be very hard to negotiate in the mud. Some big supply trucks got stuck there in early March 2004 and did not move for weeks!

Many safari companies use 2WD minibuses and these will get stuck! So will badly maintained 4WDs.

My advice is 4-fold:

1. Check that your vehicle is a proper 4WD
2. Bring lens-cleaners for you cameras and even tape-cleaners for your handheld videocamera. The dust is resentless.
3. My pals say I'm nuts but I always take a little flyswatter. When you get near the wildebeests in the Nduti area it is good to stop and observe them for an hour or more - but the flies will be all over you (these are regular flies, not the biting kind).
4. Every one in the vehicle should have his/her own pair of binoculars.
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