Tanzania and Kenya with south Africa also


Oct 9th, 2003, 07:19 PM
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Tanzania and Kenya with south Africa also

we are trying to get to Africa in January.
we have 3 weeks off .
is it possible to do all this in 3 weeks or is it really just to much traveling?
is January the rainy season and if so will we miss things because of that ?
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Oct 10th, 2003, 02:24 AM
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I think you can manage this in 3 weeks, just select your places carefuly so that you don't feel like you are seeing the same type of thing again and again, and don't waste too much time travelling in between.

We hope that January will have rain - it's dry as can be at the moment and desparately hot as well. Although there are some clouds building up outside my office window so hopefully ....
Even if it rains short of an unlikely cyclone you won't miss much because the rain is in the form of thundershowers which last an hour or two at most.
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Oct 10th, 2003, 04:44 AM
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It can be managed and as Traci_in_SA mentions, you have to pick the areas very carefully. Kenya and Tanzania will primarily be safari, while SA gives you combination of city and safari.

To get from East Africa to SA (JNB) check daily flight schedules (BA, KLM, LH, SAA/DL) between NBO and JNB as those are the windows you'll work between. Within Kenya and Tanzania to get around quickly it might be best to fly between areas, but this is more costly; if you select specific areas in both countries you can do some by road and some with flights.

In Kenya, you can do a full day in NBO then head out to Amboseli by land (its long and bumpy but will give you an idea why you would rather fly - spend 2-days/2nts, fly to NBO, have lunch at Carnivore then drive to Lake Nakuru area spend 2dy/2nts., fly to Masai Mara, spend 3dy/3/nts. Fly to NBO and fly to Arusha from where you can drive to Lake Manyara, spend 1nt.; next day continue to Ngorongoro Crater, spend 2nts (included 1-full day in the crater). Early start return by road to Arusha for flight back to NBO, if you drive all the way won't be back in NBO till around 6pm.

Depending on when flight departs NBO to SA (JNB) you might need an overnight, but stay at a small hotel near Airport, then fly out next morning to JNB. Whether you decide to do Kruger area first or CPT, depends on when flights leave from JNB to return to NBO for your flight home.

But you can continue onto CPT for 3 or 4nts with tours of the city, trip out to the winelands, trip to Cape Point, even a trip up the Garden Route to dive with White Sharks, or just a free day to discover on your own.

From CPT you can fly back to JNB and spend remaning days at two different camp environments on private reserves at Kruger for 6dys or do an overnight to Victoria Falls (1-dy here is enough to do the Falls Tour) return to JNB and then do 4dys Kruger.

Looks like this:
Day 1- Lv. from wherever
Day 2- Ar. NBO
Day 3- NBO
Day 4- Drive to AMBoseli
Day 5- Amboseli
Day 6- Fly to NBO, lunch @ Carnivore,
drive to Lake Nakuru
Day 7- Lake Nakuru
Day 8- Fly to Masai Mara
Day 9- Mara
Day10- Mara
Day11- Fly to NBO (Wilson Airport)
may need overnight here if no
ongoing connection to JNB
Day12- Fly NBO to JNB to CPT
Day13- CPT
Day14- CPT
Day15- Fly CPT (via JNB) to Vic Falls
Day16- Fly VFA to JNB (overnite airport)
Day17- Fly JNB to Kruger
Day18- Kruger
Day19- Kruger
Day20- Kruger - flite to JNB
JNB to NBO to Lv. eve. home
Day21- Arrive home

This is just a suggestion, and alot depends on flight schedules but can be modified to meet your needs. Also depends on flight scheds and prices of r/t flights into/out of NBO verses r/t into/out of JNB and all the flights between these two hubs.

It gives you a place to start - feel free to tear it apart to your hearts content - but it's doable.
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