Tanzania and Kenya


Feb 11th, 2005, 07:26 AM
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Tanzania and Kenya

Hi there,
I just decided to go to East Africa for about 2-3 weeks (including a possible side trip to S.Africa). Reading the different messages I notice that there are specific times to go to certain parks. I would be travelling the beginning of August. I would like to stay in lodges with some comforts but they don't have to be 5*. I'll be travelling alone so I would like to be with a tour.I'm also looking at different tour operators. Any guidance you could give me would be great.
Thanks a lot in advance!!!
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Feb 12th, 2005, 11:56 AM
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I was just looking around for other Tanzania travelers. I'm seeing a lot of praise about Africa Dream Safaris.

I've gone on many trips to Tanzania myself, and I've tried several different tour operators. None of which were as helpful and experienced as Africa Dream Safaris. I'm amazed of the care and customization they take with their guests.

They're a little more expensive than the average group tours, but that's because they're private safaris, so you get your own vehicle and driver for the entire safari. Compared to other Private Safari companies they're very affordable.

They concentrate mostly on Tanzania, which is my favorite as well, but they also do extensions in Kenya and other countries.

Good luck and have a great trip!
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Feb 12th, 2005, 12:19 PM
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If you're thinking of going with a group, more than likely it will be a set itinerary. Meaning, the group tour is unlikely to take into consideration the time of year, nor give you the number of days you need at the ideal places to be at that time.

For travel beginning of August the best place is likely the Masai Mara in Kenya. The wildebeest herds along with zebra and antelope should be/or have arrive from the Serengeti. However, since we're dealing with animals, it's not an exact science. It's just as likely that the herds might still be moving out of the Western Serengeti heading into the Northern Serengeti before making it to the Mara. I'd bet on the Mara and allow myself at minimum 3-days here, more if you can.

Likewise, during August is a good time to stop at Tarangire Park in Tanzania where a mini-migration is underway (between mid-June-October). And here, too at minimum 2-days, preferrably 3.

There are a number of tour operators who do group tours with set dates and itineraries. You can do a search in the box on top of this thread by inserting "Kenya tour operators" or "Tanzania tour operators" then click the "search" and threads will appear on the left. Then check out the websites of the tour operators listed and see what they have to offer. This will give you an idea from where to start. You will find a number of US or UK based companies, but mostly in-country tour operators in Kenya or Tanzania are favorably recommended (even though many of the in-country operators are the actual outfitters for US or UK based tour operators). I hope that didn't confuse you.

It's important to remember that August is high season and itineraries, lodges are being booked real fast, especially in the Mara and parts of the Serengeti. As to adding on South Africa, remember that you'll be adding to your budget flying to/from and deciding where in SA. Capetown only, or also Kruger - it might be trying to do too much in too little time.

If you're already looking at certain tour operators, it would aid us if
you'd provide us with what you're considering - where, number of days, accommodations, budget, air (flying from where to where)
- we could better assist.
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