Tannery Purchases


Aug 4th, 2002, 05:49 AM
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Tannery Purchases

We got back a few days ago from a 2-week trip that included 6 nights in Morocco. We had a wonderful time however, we purchased items from the coop shops above the tannery....everything was packed in plastic bags and we packed the items in our luggage...when we got them home we realized they smelled as bad, if not worse, than the tannery itself. Thank goodness we charged them. I'm going to call the card company to see what I can do. I want to return all items..we just can't live with these items and had no idea while we were there since the smell is overpowering (those of you who were there know exactly what I mean). I would strongly suggest that you do NOT buy anything from the tannery coop shops, no matter how good it looks...plus, we were overcharged since we were with a guide. That is pretty much the case if one is with a guide in the Medina. You will be brought to the shop he wants to take you to..which isn't a bad thing, they have to make money as well...just be careful and try to judge what you would pay for the item in the states..in most cases it's going to be less but prices are given according to nationality and guess which one pays the most??!!! I always offered a few dirhams less than half and worked from there...I got pretty tough near the end and didn't budge..the whole haggling thing gets tiring at the end and I just lost patience...If I started to leave the shop they would usually meet my price or get very close to it....so there are my 2 cents (and more) on the subject....I must say again, that we had a great time and would like to explore other areas of Morocco on another trip.
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Aug 4th, 2002, 10:17 AM
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My mother had a bad experience with a rug she charged in Turkey. (It was shipped and arrived damaged). After phone calls, letters and putting item in dispute on credit card (we were told items can not be returned because it was un-exporting and subject to all sorts of regulations) we ended up with a credit for cost of rug and we got to keep the rug. Hope you are successful - I think the credit card company is the best , and maybe only, way of getting satisfaction.
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