suggestion on my 3 days in Israel


Jul 27th, 2000, 04:44 AM
begona peres
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suggestion on my 3 days in Israel

Hi I am going with my company to Eilat. Then I have 4 days to go on my own. From Eilat do you recommend me to go to Petra for a day or should I spend all the time in Jerusalem? My flight departs from Tel Aviv, so I have a weekend and a Monday free only. Please help.
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Jul 28th, 2000, 09:28 AM
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Petra is very beautiful BUT hot!!!
Depends when you are going.
What you call Tel Aviv airport is actually Ben Gurion airport, it is in the middle of the way between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
Jerusalem is a dead city on the weekends. Everything is closed from Friday at 2PM till Sunday morning. Sunday in Israel is a regular working day. So, I would stay on Friday-Sunday in Tel Aviv or take a trip to the north, and spend Monday in Jerusalem. You can easily get to the airport from Jerusalem in 45 minutes tops.
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Jul 28th, 2000, 11:58 AM
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I agree with the above post. Jerusalem virtually shuts down from Friday afternoon until sundown Saturday. Where to go/what to do depends on what interests you. If you're looking for a nightlife sort of time, then you'd want to be in Tel Aviv. If you're more interested in things historical, then Jerusalem is THE place to be.

It is important to remember that on Saturdays you will still find shops open and stuff in the Christian, Armenian, and Moslem quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem. Taxis are slightly more expensive on Saturdays, but they are running and the expensive is not overly much. There are some restaurants open on Saturday in the newer parts of Jerusalem as well.

I would also take the weather into consideration. In the summer, Tel Aviv is HOT and very, VERY HUMID, making getting around tiring. Jerusalem in the summer stays relatively cooler than other parts of Israel, and doesn't have the high humidity that the cities located on Med do.

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Aug 10th, 2000, 03:35 AM
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It all depends on your interests. I have been to Egypt and all of Israel, but not Petra (hope to some day). My experience in Egypt is DIRTY, DIRTY, DIRTY. Fascinating sights in Cairo, Luxor, etc., but to get around from area to area takes time. Jerusalem is also incredibly fascinating, but it virtually shuts down on the Sabbath (Saturday). Tel Aviv does not. Hope this helps. Enjoy!
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