Jan 3rd, 2003, 01:41 PM
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I am considering a flight itinerary from Tanzania to Cairo that includes a stop (no change of plane) in Khartoum. From what I can gather, Sudan is a pretty dangerous place these days, but I'm curious if anyone has made this sort of flight connection recently and can comment on the experience.
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Jan 6th, 2003, 04:41 AM
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My husband and I have done something similar during flights to Kenya. On those stopovers we had to change planes, but the passengers never left the tarmac - instead we were loaded onto a bus and driven to our connecting flight. On another occasion we all ended up just sitting in the plane for an hour while the light crew did whatever they wanted to come to Khartoum to do.

Don't worry about Sudan, it's a brilliant place. It's embroiled in a long-running civil war, but as long as you stay out of the war zone (in the southern part of the country) you'll be fine. I've travelled there several times and have found the Sudanese to be among the most warm and friendly people I've ever met.
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Jan 9th, 2003, 04:01 AM
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question to xxx([email protected])i plane to spend some time in sudan from august to november. where did you travel? how did you travel? which places are nice to see? what books are available? what preparation are important concerning health? i would be happy to hear from you. thxs a lot
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