St James of Knynsa


Nov 18th, 2003, 09:15 AM
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St James of Knynsa

Anyone one stayed there??? we've booked 2nts there
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Nov 18th, 2003, 02:09 PM
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Hi Glentoran,

The St.James is a very nice looking hotel that is very well located on the Knysna Lagooon. The rooms are well appointed and the hotel is well run. I stayed at the hotel about a year ago on a recognisance trip and I would only recommend the venue if you book one of the 2 executive suites viz. the George Rex Suite or the Lady Anne Suite. Both these suites are the most expensive in the hotel unfortunately. I would NOT stay in ANY of the other rooms for the very reason that the St.James Hotel flanks the only incoming and outgoing national highway that handles ALL the cars that travel in and out of Knysna. The sound of the traffic penetrates all of the other rooms other than the suites. During the night this really took some doing to get used to. As a matter of fact I simply could not sleep because of the noise hinderancce but then I must add that I have a great aversion to any noise. When we stayed at the St.James we had a long discussion about the problem with the management and they openly admitted that there was very little that they could do about this problem other than the fact that it is on the cards to develop a new national raod that runs very far from the hotel edge. I have heard about this road plan for the past 5 years and still have not seen any concrete plans in terms of its contruction. The 2 suites, because of their position in the hotel, are unaffected by this noise problem and they truly are fabulous to want to stay in.

Hope this helps.

Selwyn Davidowitz
Very proudly part of the wonderful nation of South Africa
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