Specific questions on the West coast of Turkey


Jul 3rd, 1998, 06:30 AM
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Specific questions on the West coast of Turkey

Perhaps this is a very optimistic cry for help - anyway:

Can anybody help me with the following information for my bicycling trip (on a classical touring bike, not a mountain bike, but not racing, either, and with heavy luggage) down the Turkish coast from Ayvalik to somewhere near Bodrum (I hope)? I am used to doing this, even on rather moutaneous roads, but I prefer if they aren't too bad and don't have
many heavy vehicles. I can't ride on gravel! I prefer quiet towns and small clean hotels/pensions with reasonable facilities for washing, private shower if possible.
If anybody can fill in just one or a few of the holes in my knowledge (left after reading a lot of guidebooks), I'll be very gratefull. (It isn't that I mind finding things out for myself, but here there is a big risk of ending up in the middle of nowhere, just stuck, or getting run over, if one doesn't plan ahead to some extent.)
When do the boats go between Mytilini (Lesbos) and Ayvalik?
Is there a boat from Dikili to Izmir?
How about the boats from Kusadasi to Samos? (I'm flying to
Lesbos and home from Samos.)
Is it possible to bypass Izmir by ferry? (for instance Foca to Cesme, Karaburun or Urla?
Is there a boat between Dikili/Altinkum/Yenihisar and Torba (near Bodrum)?
Does anybody know anything about the scedules?
Any other suggestions for boat trips that may make my life easier on the way?
Is it possible to ride a bicycle (and survive) on the following roads (or parts of the distance):
E87 from Dikili to Aglia (in fact to the place where the road to Yenifoca branches off), and further south to Menemen. + Same road from Menemen to Izmir + the road no 525 from Torbali to Selcuk (not the motorway, but the nationalroad running alongside it), from Söke to Yenidogan and from
Dalyan to Camici (turnoff for Heraklea by the Camicigölü-lake)+ finally further on to Milas?
No 565 from Akhisar to Manisa?
Is it reasonably pleasant to cross the Yundt Dagly on a specific small road from Bergama to Manisa? How about crossing the Bati Mendese Daglari between either Söke or Aydin and Milas?
How is the road (called 35-25 and 35-26 on my map) from Turgutlu to Kemalpasa and on to Torbali? And how are the roads from Kaziklibucac via Kazikli, Yusufca, and Ovakislakic to the 525 road South-East of the Camicigölü lake? According to my map it is not macadamised. Still the case?
Is it possible to bring a bicycle on the Turkish Trains? How does one go about it?
In particular: How about the commuter train that seems to run through Izmir?
Coastal villages:
What are Candarli, Yenisakran, Aliaga, Doganbey, Tuzburgasi, Batiköy, Akkôy, Yenihisar, Denizkôy, Akbükk, Bozrûk, Tasli, Kikiyislacik like?
Are there any clean hotels/pensions?
Inland villages:
Any (reasonably) nice places to stay between Bergama and Akhisar? Soma, f.i.? Between Akhisar and Manisa? On the mountain road from Bergama to Manisa? How is Akhiasar? How about Turgutlu, Kemalpasa and Torbali? Tire? Ôdemis? Between either Söke or Aydin and Milas?
I know it's asking a lot, so thank you for reading - and even more for commenting; just on one point or on more; anything you know. Other suggestions, warnings etc about my project will be very welcome as well.
Many regards
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Jul 4th, 1998, 10:34 AM
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Dear Friend,
You have already same words in Lonely Planet.Try to contact me about this.I might be able to help you.
Best wishes from ISTANBUL
[email protected]
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Aug 19th, 1998, 01:36 AM
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Hi, have you read 'Riding to Jerusalem' it's a book written by a lady that rode a bike from London, through Europe,Turkey, syria, Jordan,to Israel. The path you plan is similar to her Aegean one. ...All I know for sure is the boats between mainland Turkey and the Greek Islands are frequent in the summer,generallyat least on a day. No offence to Fodors, because they have excellent books,but the Lonely Planet has Lots of info that could help your particular questions
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Aug 24th, 1998, 11:32 AM
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Jens - I do know that you will probably not find any ferries or transportgoing into Torba. While Torba is the one of the next largest towns outside of Bodrum , it doesn't have a high traffic harbour (for ferries). If you don't want to go right into Bodrum inquire about boats going into Yalikavak, just outside Bodrum, the opposite direction from Torba. I generally recommend Yalikavak as a place to visit in the area more than Bodrum. While it is becoming touristy, Yalikavak still has an innocent quality about it. If you want smaller villages also consider Gundogan (g is silent). You get to Gundogan by following the main road out of Yalikavak towards Torba, not towards Bodrum (and vise versa). These two places have lots of small cafes and restaurants, excellent, clean beaches and friendly people. My apologies, I don't recognize the names of any of the other towns you have mentioned. I do have the name of great pension in Dalyan if you are going there - let me know and I'll find it for you. Lastly, if you do visit Yalikavak take a boat trip with the family on the Sandima. It is a one day trip. I bargined and got it for $22pp Cnd. This family is just great, they take you to 5-6 coves to swim, where there is nobody but you, they give you a massive and delicious lunch, fruit in the afternoon and 5 o'clock tea. You will find tons of companies in Bodrum selling daily boat trips for about $15-17 Cnd and I have gone on a number of these, but this family is genuine and take you to really beautiful, isolated spots (tel 0-252-385-4095).

Do wear a helmet in Turkey, road rage is a real concern, and is advertised about on outdoor billboards, and many of the roads, esp the side ones, don't really have shoulders. The one thing in your favour is that they are used to villagers with their animals on the roads, but many will pass along any stretch of highway.

I hope this is of some help, even if I haven't answered many of your questions!
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