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Jul 31st, 2005, 10:15 AM
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I've been looking at ATR's site for a safari holiday next year, including Mahale. They do have a great web site, and have been most helpful so far.
Could you let me know how your trip goes, with any tips/suggestions?
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Jul 31st, 2005, 06:18 PM
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You are doing my absolute dream safari for August/September 2007! I would definitely do it next year had I not already booked a Tanzania trip in February / March for the Northern Circuit.

Greystoke Camp seems like an amazing place, as do Mwagusi and Sand Rivers.

If you do not mind, would you please share the cost of your trip. If you do not want to share it on the board, please feel free to e-mail me, as I am dying to know.

Also, were you able to pick your own dates or did ATR schedule you on dates with other travelers to keep costs down?

Also, who did you work with at ATR? I worked with Nick and found him to be tremendously helpful. I have never booked a safari so quickly as I did this time around, and this is honestly about 50% more than I have ever spent on a safari, no less.

I just read a great article in Africa Geographic (in one of the 20 backordered issues I recently received). The author, who stayed at Greystoke Camp, was so impressed with Mahale that she stated that if there was only one more trip to Africa in a traveler's lifetime that they should come to Mahale.

A precise itinerary that I would like would be the following:

Kia Lodge, Kiliminjaro (1)
Greystoke Camp, Mahale (4)
Mwagusi, Ruaha (4)
Sand Rivers, Selous (4)
Emerson & Green, Stone Town (1)
Palms Zanzibar (3 or 4)

While Katavi would also be nice, I just think that would be too much to take in for one visit.

Thanks for any feedback you are able to provide on pricing.
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