South Africa, Botswana


Jan 20th, 2003, 03:47 PM
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South Africa, Botswana

We are beginning to plan a two week trip to Africa in August 2003. Does any one have any information on Akeru Private Camp and Nkorho Bush Lodge. Also, any thoughts on Cape Town in August. With such a limited amount of time and the idea of cold rainy weather, we are thinking of saving Cape Town for another time. We would perhaps add Durban for two or three days instead. We are also thinking of visiting Chobe National park after a visit to Victoria Falls. Is there much difference in the type of enviroment we will experience by going to both Akeru and Nkorho Bush Lodge?
Any thoughts are appreciated!
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Jan 22nd, 2003, 01:06 AM
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I can't help with information about Botswana, but can comment about Cape Town vs Durban in August. The deciding criteria I think is what kind of holiday you are looking for. You are quite correct in that Cape Town will be like a baby in August (wet and windy!). However, paradoxically it's not miserable. In a way the sights and activities in the area lend themselves to bad weather. The only things that are really affected are the ferry out Robben Island and the cable car up Table Mountain. The first in that it will not be fun in bad weather, and the latter in that they close the mountain when the clouds come in. Also - although the rain can be constant, it's not "grey". In fact the area is a lush green, which looks great against purple mountains and steel skys. You will still be able to tour the winelands (the red wines will taste better in cold weather). And do remember that rain every day is not guaranteed - only 99%. In contrast Durban will be positively balmy in August. It is a sub tropical area and you will be able to enjoy yourself on the beach. In addition there are some lovely scenic drives through the Valley of a Thousand Hills, and up the north coast.
As I said upfront - it really depends on what you are looking for ....
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