South Africa and Safety


Nov 7th, 1996, 10:49 AM
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South Africa and Safety

Cape Town is probably South Africa's safest large city, and you should feel no hesitation getting out and about in the city. In fact, you would be depriving yourself of the chance to explore one of the great port cities in the world. Cape Town receives hundreds of thousands of tourists each year--for good reason. As far as safety is concerned, avoid walking around the city center at night alone. During the day you should be fine, however. At night, you might want to check out the Waterfront, a huge waterside collection of shops, cinemas, restaurants, and attractions that has an excellent security setup. Whatever you do, don't let safety fears put a damper on your visit. You will have wasted a wonderful opportunity for no real reason.
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Nov 9th, 1996, 04:27 AM
C.A. Dawson
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My family and myself are travelling back to Good Old South Africa - Cape Town - in the next couple of months. This will be our third trip and have up to press had wonderful holidays. As the previous letter on 'South Africa and Safety' has stated, just don't go walking about at night away from the tourist scene. Keep you valuables safe in the hotel and do not carry a handbag. You will enjoy Cape Town
it has a great deal to offer you, so have a good time.
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Nov 11th, 1996, 12:35 PM
Russell Kaye
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I've lived in Johannesburg, South Africa all my life. I've spent the past 12 years in Cape Town during the December holiday season. Cape Town - along with The Kruger Park and Sodwana Bay - is one of the very few places where I feel safe in South Africa. Enjoy your visit - you'll love it - but don't be scared to broaden your explorations away from the famous Waterfront. There's so much on offer. I love Cape Town, and I must tell you how jealous I am since I won't be there this year, I'm going to the Bahamas! Enjoy!!!!
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Dec 29th, 1996, 10:31 PM
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Thank you for replying to my question - South Africa and Safety. Yes, you were all right. It was a beautiful city. I did feel safe, but I was careful.
It was, to me, the most beautiful city in South Africa and probably one of the most beautiful cities (of any size) I have seen. (maybe that means I have alot more cities to see) Thank you!
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