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kak113 Oct 25th, 2007 11:12 AM

Singita vs. Mala Mala - and what about Shamwari
If you have been to both Singita and Mala Mala, please tell me which you prefer and why.

Also, my boss who is South African, recommended Shamwari and thought we would see as much as in Kruger.

And my travel agent recommended we safari in Chobe if we wanted to see Vic Falls.

All thoughts appreciated. Trip would be October 2008, combined with Cape Town.

sandi Oct 25th, 2007 11:29 AM

May I suggest you keep all questions and updates to your plans under one thread... the initial one you posted with the itinerary. This would help those replying to follow the progress and easier for you to find everything all together.

Singita or Mala Mala? both get excellent reviews, but for game, Mala Mala gets the hi-5s. Then there's price, with Singita simply being more expensive. I'm sure others will have more details.

As to seeing Vic Falls, stay in Vic Falls (best views on the Zimbabwe side) you don't have to go to Chobe for a stop here; it's easily 2/hrs away from VFA. Unless, of course, you wish to visit Chobe as you showed on your initial itinerary.

KayeN Oct 25th, 2007 09:34 PM

Hi kak113

I have been to MM quite a few times and Singita Boulders three times, last time December 2005. Highly unlikely I will return to Singita as way too much money! At that time the room was a bit tired and for the money, it was too much for too little. Also gameviewing while always good, is not as good as at MM. These days, I only go to MM as for me, gameviewing is my passion.

Also went to Shamwari in May 2000, which was relatively early days. We had to change Zimbabwe plans 4 days within flying and it was one of the few places readily available as I had two nieces with me aged 8 & 10. Most of the animals, except for white rhino, were very nervous, so for me, gameviewing was not great. Also in those days, they had fenced in areas for the lion pride, but I believe another lion pride now roam free. For me, I would not return there, but my opinion is a bit dated due to how long ago we were there.

In Sept 2001, our last stop was Chobe, and on the way back to Johannesburg, we did a few hours in Vic Falls just to see the falls. Last year in July, I stayed at Matetsi Lodge in Zimbabwe and during the day, the falls were an easy trip. I really cannot remember the time between Chobe and Vic Falls, but we did the flight in a small plane.

Kind regards


annhig Oct 27th, 2007 08:55 AM

hi, kak,

we went to Shamwari in July, and thought it pretty pricey for what it was. the game viewing was not great - all we saw of big cats were some cubs hiding in the scrub.

we did see a lot of elephants and giraffes, antelope of vaious sorts etc.. but we were going over the same ground a lot, with consequent lack of variety.

on the other hand, they do a good deal with free nights at other places, like the Radisson in Cape Town as part of the deal at least off season.

I would be VERY surprised of the game viewing at Shamwari was as good as Kruger.

there is a current thread about a game reserve in Botswana called Mashatu which looks great and is much cheaper. also, don't forget that you can book your own accommodation in Kruger through

regards, ann

annhig Oct 27th, 2007 08:57 AM

oops, it's

kak113 Oct 29th, 2007 07:57 AM

As we are most concerned about the gameviewing (my fiance says anything more than the animals on our honeymoon is "a bonus") I think
Mala Mala is the way to go.

If you were following the other thread, I have decided to nix the garden route driving part as I can only drive automatic and my fiance wears a prosthetic arm and won't be allowed to drive at all. We will still plan to overnight in the winelands and perhaps hire a driver.

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