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brandywine Aug 31st, 2004 05:45 AM

Simbambili vs. Mala Mala vs. Leopard Hills
We are planning a trip to South Africa for June 2005 and planning to spend 3 nights in Sabi Sands. Since Singita and Londolozi are too expensive, can anyone please help out with Simbambili vs. Leopard Hills, which camp is more luxurious (rooms), which camp has the best food, which camp has the better game viewing? Mala Mala is also an option, but I'm not sure about the ambience because of the size (50 guests)although the game viewing is supposed to be great there. We have only 3 nights in Sabi Sands (then going up to Vic Falls and Botswana), so don't want to change camps. One more question, is Singita really worth the price, will it be that exceptional compared to the other 3 camps I am considering? We would like this to be a wonderful trip but don't want to break the bank. Thank you for any help or suggestions you can give me.

thit_cho Aug 31st, 2004 07:06 AM

Have you also looked into the Exeter ldoges -- Leadwood or Dulini. I'd be interested in any feedback on those lodges, too. Thanks

mhron Aug 31st, 2004 07:36 AM

if you can get leopard hills at the same price as simbambili i would chose4 it hands down. Mala mala has the best game viewing, but if you are looking for luxury and good food plus pretty darn good game viewing i would choose leopard hills 1st then simbambili. if there is a difference in price depending on how much i would consider simbambili

brandywine Sep 1st, 2004 06:30 AM

Thanks Mhron.
Leopard Hills is somewhat more expensive, but may be worth it. Why would you choose Leopard Hills - more luxurious?, better food? (we do enjoy nice dinners). What about the game viewing, it seems like Leopard Hills may have a smaller area that they have to share with more camps.

mhron Sep 1st, 2004 07:47 AM

my opinion is based on the web sites and reading other posts. i have not stayed at leopard hills or simbambili. i have stayed at mala mala and royal malewane and madikwe river. And it is true that mala mala had the best game viewing but i did not think that royal malewane was that far behind, I certainly did not feel like i was missing out. Based on that i cant imagine that at leopard hills which is in a better location for game than royal malewane, will you feel like you are missing out on game. In terms of luxury mala mala does not come close this you can easily tell by the web site, and having stayed at mala mala i would say that it is not a luxury lodge.
i can not comment on the food but i believe i recall a post that said leopard hills was 5 star cuisiene

mhron Sep 1st, 2004 07:55 AM

the way i look at it is as follows.
if i am going on safari with my buddies i would stay at mala mala. if i was going with my wife i would stay at leopard hills or simbambili. price would be the factor that would make my decision between leopard hills and simbambili. what is the price difference.

JungleBride Feb 26th, 2005 10:42 AM

We spent three nights at Mala Mala while on our safari honeymoon. We saw lion and leopard every day and saw a cheetah and her three cubs once. The camp & guides were incredible. I highly recommend Mala Mala.

girlpolo33 Feb 26th, 2005 10:59 AM

I've stayed at Leopard Hills, Singita and Londolozi, so I can at least offer my perspective. The size of the concession is important. Since Leopard Hills shares traversing rights with several other properties, we had to drive around the smaller Leopard Hills property for the first hour of each game drive. I found this a bit tedious, but maybe I'm too picky! Singita is outrageous in every way, but hard to justify with the current prices. Londolozi was exceptional in every way and a better value than Singita. You may be able to use the search on Fodors to find a map of the Sabi Sand that was posted some time ago. It gives a clear picture of the game reserves location and various sizes. Whatever your decision, I look forward to hearing about your trip if you decide to post a trip report...have a great experience!

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