Should we go to Egypt in April?

Feb 9th, 2003, 12:39 PM
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Should we go to Egypt in April?

My husband and I have a deposit on a 7 night Nile cruise followed by two nights in Cairo. We are Canadian and I would like to here from fellow Canadians as to what your thoughts are on paying the balance (due Feb. 24th)with the possibility of war in Iraq. Do you feel that if that travel in Egypt would be safe in the event that there is a war?
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Feb 10th, 2003, 10:17 AM
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I am not Canadian (citizen of US), but would like to give my thoughts anyway. We went to Egypt 18 months ago - prior to 9/11 and obviously prior to current worsening Middle East situation. Have spoken to people who have been since.

Most of the people you will encounter in Egypt are just trying to make a decent living from tourism - everyone from the drivers to hotel employees to kids selling water at historic sites. Whatever their political opinions may be, without tourism, much of it from Canada and US, many would face economic difficulty. We know this is the case with our tour guide who has had her business reduced greatly with the drop in tourism.

If terrorists decide to strike a tourist area, they will not, of course, check your passport to see if you are from a hated country. And whatever the world situation, your individual chances of meeting harm will be small. The decision, if it were me, would be to try to decide if you would be too worried to enjoy the trip. Tourism is way down, and many places are far less crowded than they would normally be - that would be nice.

Whatever you decide, if you don't go now, go sometime - Egypt was a really magic place. Good luck making your decision. I continue to pray that there is some solution out of this mess other than war.

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Feb 10th, 2003, 11:24 AM
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Thank you so much Gail for your thoughts. All the points that you made have already gone through my mind. I am very torn. One thing I do know for sure is that I want to go, but will the black cloud of the world situation overshadow my enjoyment and memories. I know ultimately I am the only one to make the decision. So I will ponder over it until the 24th.
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Feb 10th, 2003, 11:08 PM
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Just to echo Gails sentiments, I was in Cairo in May, and Zanzibar in November (US passport but live in Europe) and found the people warm and welcoming - they are dependant on the tourist dollar, and realize that you are their life blood.

I also think that what you see on the evening news and CNN is often sensationalized.

My fear with not going when you have the chance is that you may never go! Don't miss out! Statistically the chances are slim that you will be involved in some incident.
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Feb 11th, 2003, 03:59 AM
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I visited Egypt just before 9/11 and it is now one of my favorite tours.I certainly can understand your fears but I would visit anyway.However,if I were going I would be sure to book the tour with a large well known tour company.They know the ins and outs and will shield you and expedite you to the various sites.You will also feel more comfortable with a group.I was a little uncomfortable when I went because the surroundings and culture was so different then what I was accustomed to but I wouldn't hesitate to return.
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Feb 11th, 2003, 05:46 PM
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If you're worried about your personal safety and hostilities, don't. Everyone loves Canadians. That's why Americans pretend to be Canadian while traveling abroad.
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Feb 20th, 2003, 08:05 AM
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I'm travelling to Cairo tomorrow for 5 days and then on to Beirut. I am American and am travelling with 4 other Americans. My guess that the people you will be interacting with will welcome you to their country and you will feel nothing but friendliess. I would say just make sure you have a changeable ticket so that if you need to get out fast you can. I will post again upon my return and let you know if we encountered any trouble.
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Feb 21st, 2003, 10:34 AM
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We are off to Dubai as part of our honeymoon in April-PLEASE don't let nutters like Bin Ladden or Hussain put you off.I was involved in a minor accident last week but it could have been much worse-life is too short-live life to the full.

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