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gingerbane1805 Feb 10th, 2022 05:07 AM

Seychelles versus BVI/usvi versus Curacao
I live in TX and have been almost booking the Caribbean for my birthday in May for the last couple months. I got some great information on here recently, but now Iím wondering if I should just do my bucket list trip. We were supposed to head to Seychelles in 2020. I know itís further, but weíve been to Fiji, Bali, NZ etc. My question is are the beaches and snorkeling worth it? I could press submit on Seychelles right now and havenít been able to do that for the other places. I originally was looking closer just due to the pandemic, but I have been reminded that life is still happening and I want to take full advantage of living.

deladeb Mar 16th, 2022 08:59 AM

Ginger, this is sad you have not gotten any feedback. My 2 cents:
My favorite English teacher always told me that I HAVE to visit Seychelles one day. We met a couple in Germany that go to Seychelles every February and LOVE it.
2 years ago I took my first trip to the Caribbean, it was on a catamaran visiting the British Virgin Islands. It was beautiful and I did not get seasick. Our friends we went with took a catamaran trip to U S Virgin Islands last month, they said it was more rough and enjoyed the BVI trip more.
‘I hope wherever you choose is a wonderful Birthday trip!

gingerbane1805 Mar 16th, 2022 09:19 AM

Thank you for the reply. We booked Seychelles! I knew I could not go wrong with either place. The BVIs are close to us so easier to plan on a whim another year. Thanks again.

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