Seychelles, Mauritius, Any ideas?


Oct 16th, 2003, 06:17 PM
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Seychelles, Mauritius, Any ideas?

Hi again friends! We did Africa in June- thanks for the help. My husband is feeling exotic again and has been looking at these 2 places for April. Any input is appreciated! We have 9 days, tops, from the states. Any other brilliant ideas are welcome. Are the Seychelles so much better than the British Virgin Islands? We've seen all of them and love them. Shouls we wait and go to Australia when we get 12 days? help!
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Oct 17th, 2003, 05:23 AM
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The Seychelles are wonderful (haven't been to Mauritius) - and admittedly I love beautiful beaches and special islands.

We did the Seychelles as an add-on to my second Africa trip. The Seychelles were all I had read about and heard so many years before from an Iranian friend who had a home there (during the days of the Shah).

That said, it's a long way to go for "an island, a beach" despite how beautiful. With perfect timing it's 7-8/hrs to London (from NYC) then another 10-11/hrs on a BA flight heading onto SEZ. That's not including connections; possible stop in Nairobi if not a non-stop - and depending when you arrive in London, maybe a day till the night departure.

We timed our return trip at 36-hrs door-to-door SEZ/NBO/AMS/EWR, using BA & KLM.
Believe besides BA, Air France, Alitalia, and maybe Lufthansa fly to SEZ and the fare can be hefty on a straight ticket totally unrestricted, if I recall about $3,200 (it's cheaper to buy a RTW), so we "unbundled" our tickets, with cheaper flight segments (each with different restrictions) and managed to bring the price (KLM JFK/AMS, layover 2-dys in AMS outbound, KLM to NBO, BA to SEZ) to $1,455 r/t.

It's your choice.
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Oct 17th, 2003, 06:54 AM
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Sandi, thanks so much! That's what I was thinking- the time thing. We plan on returning to Africa in the future; I think it best to go then, really. We were able to get a FF ticket to S Africa, so we'll probably go that route again.
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Oct 17th, 2003, 11:44 AM
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LLinda, do you have 9 days including flying time from the US? Listen to Sandi, she captured this really well. It takes about two days to get to Mahe and then two days to get back to the East Coast.
We been to both but only briefly to Mauritius. Seychelles is a wonderful place but I wouldn't think about going all the way there for 4-5 days. I never been to the British Virgin Islands but from what I heard there are many great places.

If you fly with Alitalia or Air France sometimes flights are rescheduled which means you will be departing from Seychelles 2-3 days later than planned or 2-3 days earlier and that would leave you 2-3 days in the Seychelles. It is much easier with Mauritius as there are many more flights from/to more destinations. However you need to add two more hours for a flight to Maurice.

There is 9 hours time difference between Seychelles and the East Coast. You need some time to adjust before getting back to work. After returning from the Seychelles I am always ready to start a day at midnight but early afternoon I am falling asleep.
BA doesn't fly directly to SEZ it makes a brief stop in Nairobi but you have to leave a plane and go through some security. AF operated by Air Seychelles operates 2-3 times a week but often reschedules its flights. The same story with Alitalia. Lufthansa is only one airlines that allows smoking on its flight to SEZ.

We fly Air France but we don't have any time restrictions and we always plan to have a few days before and after in Paris so if there are any changes we simply adjust our reservations in Paris. One time Air France paid our two nights accommodation in Paris as we were forced to return two days earlier than planned. We didn't mind spending 4 days in Paris instead 2 but we rather play on the beach on La Digue or Bird Island.
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