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Clematis1 Jun 28th, 2006 08:21 PM

Serra Cafema or Sossusvlei Mtn. Lodge?
If you only had three nights to spend in Namibia, which would you choose - Serra Cafema or Sossusvlei Mt. Lodge? Or another favorite?

santharamhari Jun 28th, 2006 08:36 PM

I've never been to Namibia......but, if i had only one camp to visit.....choices would be between Palmwag rhino camp and Ongava.


Kavey Jun 29th, 2006 12:48 AM

Hi Clem!

I would be torn between Wolwedans Dune Lodge and Serra Cafema (which is on my wishlist) but then again, I have been before and try as I might, it's impossible for my choices not to be affected by that.

aby Jun 30th, 2006 07:25 PM

Hi Clematis1 !

Having only one "cruel" choice i would go for the Dunes. (i don't care about acommodation & food they're both considered hi-class. )
i have spent a lot of time in deserts (arid & semi-arid environments), this 'sea of sand' is an exciting (& i'd say moving ) experience.
Have not been on either property, but i have virtually lived for a number of weeks opposite the Namib Desert dunes, a walking distance away. Climbing a dune in the evening, watching the sun set or searching for desert creatures at night with a torch/flashlight...
Serra Cafema is an "end of the world" experience - either choice u cannot go wrong, but would choose the dunes.

enjoy it (& promise u would come back to do Namibia justice...)


PS i don't know if u have a dune view or is it a walking distance to the sands

andybiggs Jun 30th, 2006 07:34 PM

Gosh, that is a tough one. I guess it would depend if I thought I would return to Namibia again someday.

Sosussvlei is THE 1 place to visit if you head to Namibia only once. You just have to go there. Serra Cafema is one of those places that you will appreciate much more if you have already been out on safari in Namibia, and it is the last location on your safari. It is a totally unique location, and a place that I would love to return to someday.

Don't pass over any of the Wolwedans lodges, as the Namib Rand is a truly amazing place. If I had 3 days, I would beg cheat and steal to make it 4 nights, split between Wolwedans and Sosussvlei. They are so close to each other, and easy to transfer from Wolwedans to Sosussvlei.

I love nice accommodations, but I would give additional thought to staying some place like Sosussvlei Desert Lodge to gain quicker access into Sosussvlei early in the morning. They have their own private entrance into the park. If you are looking to hike for a sunrise at Deadvlei, you really need to negotiate for early morning permits into the park!! Just pay the fees, as it is totally worth watching/photographing the sunrise from Deadvlei. Highly recommended.

Some shots to get you thinking:



aby Jun 30th, 2006 08:19 PM

i've found this about the Mt. Lodge: "built into natural rock at the foot of a mountain overlooking an expansive Namib gravel plain that leads into a sea of red dunes."
probably too far to walk to the dunes...
& i think Andy is saying the same

Clematis1 Jul 3rd, 2006 02:00 PM

I'm grateful for the responses, all. I have not had computer access for several days. Aby, (and if you have aby cats, email me), how lucky for you to be so close to the dunes for weeks!

Andy, (stunning photos), with that private entrance to the park from the Desert Lodge what kind of travel time are we saving? This lodge with 45 rooms is ordinarily the kind of place we shy away from - I envision screaming children - but any photographic advantage is very important to us. Also, I gather the negotiating for early entrance fees is something our tour operator does for us? What range should they be?

I may now be able to squeeze in another day as Namibia may now be at the start of our trip. Will we ever return? I'll tell you that 3-4 years ago we planned our "once in a lifetime" African safari covering three countries. Now we're going back, again visiting three countries. I have two friends who have returned to Namibia so I suspect I'll be part of that club. However with past health issues we never take anything for granted.

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