Serengeti vs mara


Nov 9th, 2011, 04:14 AM
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Serengeti vs mara

Hi, thanks for the earlier inputs, I have a few days either which I can spend in the mara or Serengeti. Have max 5 nights
Main purpose is to watch the big cats, have seen the migration before, so the main focus is cats. Which park would you choose ? which lodges/camps have a high density of cat population around them
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Nov 9th, 2011, 06:42 AM
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Sorry to tell you this, but if you want to be assured of cats in a particular area... best you go to a zoo.

That said, and considering if visiting the Serengeti* and your earlier thread to cover areas from North, Central, South and even Ndutu... prides of lions can be at any of these and it's a very very large area to cover. One day you might come upon cats and on the next they can be none.
*the Serengeti is as large as Switzerland... lots of ground to cover.

If in the Mara, which covers a smaller area, even the lion prides here who have a particular territory, do move. Remember: when filming Big Cat Diaries... they had many spotters out early every morning looking for the cats as they were rarely located where seen the night before.

Personally, I believe you have a better chance in the Mara
1) smaller area to cover even if you're out entire days
2) lion prides are in the Reserve and also Private Conservancies
3) cheetahs like the short-grass plains which are found on the Mara North Conservancy, though can be found elsewhere
4) leopards are always elusive, primarily night prowlers, so it's luck if you spot during daytime.

The Marsh Pride of Big Cat Diaries fame are best found in/around the Governor's Camps (Main, Little, Il Moran) or even on the MMNC. As well other pride groups.

On MMNC, there are many choices for lodging/camps at all budgets and as you can also do bush walks and night game drives staying here (not permitted if inside the Reserve, i.e., Governor's)... this would always be my choice. If on a particular day during stay you wish to visit inside the Reserve itself, you can simply pay the fee to enter, which cost is about $60/person (though maybe higher, season dependent). Camps here that I like would be: Porini Lion or Mara; Kicheche; Elephant Pepper*; Mara Plains; Rekero*; others.
* these might be closed in Nov thru mid-Dec due to short rains... so ask.
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Nov 9th, 2011, 06:54 PM
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Your month of travel should be added to your request. I believe it is NOVEMBER.

If cats are the goal, I'd go with the Mara in Nov. Also, you may want a private vehicle to focus on your interest. Others in the vehicle might want more variety in the wildlife spotting.
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