Seniors Self-Touring(3)


Oct 16th, 2005, 05:13 AM
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Seniors Self-Touring(3)

We are back again (3rd time) since we are leaving for our 15 day Israel trip on November 1.

We have several NEW questions.

1. Where can we find a listing of the cultural activities in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for early November?

2. On returning from The Galilee to Jerusalem by car we prefer not to drive through the West Bank so we will be going through Afula.We know about Highway 6 (svish 6).How do we get on and off it and how do we pay Eldan?

3. Any new thoughts on MUST MUST SEE that we have not included in our itinerary (See Seniors Self-Touring 1 & 2).

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Oct 16th, 2005, 07:13 PM
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You can leave some of the research to be done there, in Israel.... I'm sure you'll find some brochures in your hotel, or stop by at one of those big, fancy hotels near yours...

Ask around, buy the Jerusalem Post.

As to "Kvish 6" -- ask Eldan. It's been a known issue with rental cars, 'cause the toll road is all automatic. Eldan will also give you a road map. Since highway 6 is still being built and extended, the map would probably not be up todate. Ask Eldan where you should enter the highway.

The signage is very good as to where to exit for your highway No. 1 to Jerusalem.

In general, driving in Israel, be prepared to face "Mediterranean driving style".... Be very ALERT, don't be intimidated by those fast drivers, but don't block their way, keep to the right lane.

Israeli drivers (again, typical also to Italian, Greek, French) are "crazy" drivers. Be always alert.
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Oct 18th, 2005, 05:53 AM
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1. Both the Jerusalem Post and Ha'aretz (Intl herald Tribune) English newspapers publish detailed cultural supplements every Friday listing everything going on during the following week. What are you interested in ? music, theatre, etc ?

2. Ask Eldan - the bill will be mailed to them!
The Highway 6 web site (English) is

There is an entrance to Hwy 6 on the Afula-Hadera road; there is an exit to Hwy 1 (TA-J'm hwy). Hwy 6 and 1 actually join up for 1 2 km stretch !
3. You probably won't be able to squeeze in all that you have planned ...
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