Senegal- Any thoughts?


May 21st, 1998, 04:12 PM
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Senegal- Any thoughts?

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions for travelling in Senegal?
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Jun 2nd, 1998, 02:49 PM
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I have been to Senegal last year for 5 weeks and I was hosted by a local family in the town of Saint-Louis that is in the north and is very nice and not dangerous at all. Near there ther are many nice places to visit and there are beautiful beaches.
People is very kind and like to see strangers, most of all if you show interest to their land and culture.
The language spoken is wolof, but french too.
Take care with money and try to have CeFafrancs before you get there, if possible, and look for someone to explain you the prices when you buy something.
For me it was a great experiece, and I hope to go this year too. Bye bye.
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Jun 9th, 1998, 02:35 PM
Becky Waller
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I travelled to Senegal for 17 days in November 1997, visiting a friend who lives in a small village (150 people) as a volunteer with the U.S. Peace Corps. The trip took us (by various and sometimes harrowing methods of public transport) from Dakar across country, through Kaolack to Tambacounda, then south through the national park to a town called Kedougou and a large village called Dindafello, where a 45 minute hike led to one of the most beautiful waterfalls I've ever seen. Then back up north, to my friend's village (called Goomil, near the east tip of the Gambia), and back the way we came, with a stop at a cheesy resort in a coastal town called Mbour.

Happy to tell you more about it; anything specific you want to know?

(BTW it was the trip of a lifetime and much too short.)
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