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Selwyn, Roccco, and South Africa So far: ScaredtoDeath's Take on the Matter...


Jun 18th, 2003, 04:59 AM
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Selwyn, Roccco, and South Africa So far: ScaredtoDeath's Take on the Matter...

Might I start by first dedicating this post to the wonderful Professor Bette Davidowitz. Although I do not know her personally, she must be one heck of a gal to put up with quirky but lovable Selwyn!!! Kudos to you Dr. Davidowitz!!!

Let me say that I am taking this opportunity to publically thank the "great" roccco--he has done well to put together a fine trip that has flowed quite smoothly, at worst. Kafunta was a different sort of experience and it was a good one-timer--an in-depth study in resilliance and patience.

The Twelve Apostles Hotel is the epitome of luxury and service at its finest--very Ritz-Carlton-we're-millionaires-not-really. Mercedes Benz transfers and all the pomp and circumstance you could possibly want...

Transfers were like clockwork--no waiting around like idiots whatsoever. All of our transfers and mini-tours were privately held and that made it really nice--this means you are able to throw temper tantrums without any Germans in the bus to through salt in your game.

I must admit, my dear Roccco did the best with avoiding small planes--the smallest plane was a twelve seater--I didn't like that, but everything else was the great South African Airways, with some of the best pilots in the world, Im told...

We are now sitting in Vuyatella--nothing special as you arrive--VERY bad curb appeal. I gave myself 10 minutes for a mind change as we arrived, or I was turning right around and going to Joburg--Roccco or not! But The rooms are PRISTINE--neat decor and windows are SPOTLESS--I would liken the cleanliness to Singita or our beloved Twelve Apostles.

Lunch was FABULOUS--rosemary chicken and salads--very very nice--CLEAN.

So far so good boys and girls....
Talk to you soon!!!
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