Seeking video camera advice!


Aug 31st, 2002, 10:20 AM
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Seeking video camera advice!

We leave in a couple of weeks for 17 days in Kenya and Tanzania. While taking still cameras, also want to bring video camera. Staying at the following camps/lodges: Mara River Camp, Tortillis, N-crater Serena, Tarange Safari Lodge, Coffee Plantation in Arusha and Sand Rivers in Selous. Should we plan on bringing many, many batteries or do any of the camps/lodges provide power for charging batteries? If so, what kind of converter do we need? Thanks for any and all assistance readers!
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Aug 31st, 2002, 05:21 PM
Jan Goss
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I was in both Amboseli and Tsavo East and didn't have any problem charging my batteries. I took my charger and three batteries along with a Kenya converter (which you can get at Magellan's). In Ol Tukai Lodge at Amboseli I simply plugged the charger and converter into the plug in my room. At Satao tented camp in Tsavo East, each person would bring their charger, converter and battery to be charged to the bar and they would plug it in when the generator was on. I usually took two batteries with me on each game drive while one was charging back at the lodge/tented camp. Got some fantastic film footage.

Be sure you take lens cleaner with you. Also make sure your camcorder has some type of baffle or wind sock on the microphone. I have a simple Sharp Viewcam which I love because of its simplicity. However, there is almost always a breeze in the Kenyan national parks and my camera picked up the sound. When I tried covering the microphone which was on top of my camera it cut down on the breeze sound but then I had the sound of the camera whirring on the tape. I took 35 rolls of film and 6 video films on each of my safaris (2). Used up almost all of it but got some fantastic pictures and videos which I watch all year around and dream about until I have the opportunity to get back on safari.

I know you'll have an exciting time. When you return please post a trip report so we can share your excitement.

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Aug 31st, 2002, 06:51 PM
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Hi Jan. Thank you for the advice. It is greatly appreciated. I will post a report when we come back. People like yourself and other readers have been a huge help to me during the planning process. Again, thanks and I hope that your wish of returning to Kenya is fulfilled.
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