Seafood in Capetown


Feb 22nd, 2004, 04:49 PM
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Seafood in Capetown

Hello all:

Was wondering if anyone can recommend a wonderful romantic spot that serves fresh seafood in Capetown? Will be there in May of 2004 and want to surprise her. Can you also tell me of what type of seafood they serve? Lobster, crab, scrimp and prices would be greatly appreciated. I know that when we went to OZ and New Zealand we tried to eat alot of the seafood there but it is different then what we ate in the states (their crab is called bugs and is totally different from what it is here). Thanks in advance!
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Feb 22nd, 2004, 10:35 PM
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When it comes to seafood in Cape Town there are quite a number of places to visit but whether they are romantic is another story as these places are generally rather busy establishments.

One also has to be very careful that you are not ripped off when it comes to seafoods especially when you are trying to eat the cu sine that you are looking for in the form of crustaceans.

Places that you can visit that most will recommend because the food is good, however BY SOUTH AFRICAN standards very expensive are:

Villa Moura - Good fish meal but VERY expensive

Bahia - Good fish meal but VERY expensive

Codfather - Personally I dont like this venue with its semi self service style but there will be those who say they love it - DEFINITELY NOT ROMANTIC though. The sushi at the establishment is horrid. Btw I speak of sushi by being one the very few people who was eating sushi regularly 20 years ago in Cape Town when most in this city had no idea what sushi even was. In actual fact I suppose I could be labeled as a sushi freak

Panama Jacks - I suppose even though this is expensive, because of the setting this venue could be labeled as romantic. Be careful of being ripped off though as there have been some very bad reports about Panama Jacks in the local newspapers recently about this very issue.

Personally even though some would recommend the above venues I dont visit them because of the rip off factor. I stress once again this is ripping off in South African price scenario where you find the restaurateurs say the foreigners can pay so charge them thick!

Good value for money can be found at:


Kalkies in the Kalk Bay harbour (Lunch) Not romantic and absolutely no frills but the real thing at great prices.

My favourite venue for fish, which I can assure you not many Capetonians know about, is Tangos in Kendall Road, Constantia. Family type restaurant with great prices, the freshest of all types of fish and only frequented by locals of the area. I had better give you the telephone number of Tangos because if you ask locals about where Tangos is they will answer you by saying Tang Who! I have never heard of it Telephone number: 021 712 6631

Most establishments will serve you local fish in the form of Cob (Kabeljou), Kingklip (Local to Cape Town), Cape salmon, Yellowtail and if you are lucky Musslecracker. When it comes to the shelled variety of fish you will be able to find crayfish (smaller than American lobster but definitely more substance to the meat and sweeter), prawns (Shrimp in the USA) and maybe giant prawns (prawns in the USA). All in all when it comes to shelled fish I say again be forewarned against being ripped off and DONT think in Dollar terms when ordering, think in Rand terms relative to what you will have already learnt as far a local values are concerned.

Hope you eat well in my city.

Very proudly part of the wonderful nation of South Africa
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Feb 23rd, 2004, 11:35 AM
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Have tried Bahai for seafood and actually enjoyed the cuisine so much that we returned for a second dinner during our stay in Cape Town. The crayfish ( lobster ) was very good. The restaurant could be descrbed as quite trendy and upscale but the main attraction for us was the food. It's a busy establishment and if looking for a quieter table I would make reservations in advance.
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Feb 26th, 2004, 07:51 AM
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Came across this review today:
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