Saudia arabia


Aug 24th, 1997, 10:11 PM
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Saudia arabia

I will be in saudia arabia mid-sept on business. I have no idea what to expect or to do. Anybody have any input? thank-you
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Aug 27th, 1997, 02:05 AM
Mamdouh Khawaji
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Where in Saudi Arabia? Riyadh, Jeddah or Dhahran?.
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Sep 2nd, 1997, 08:34 PM
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Yes, we have lived in Saudi, and we travel there, my husband regularly, and I go with him when convenient. as you know, there are many restriction and much conform to their cultural, but you can have an interesting time, non the less. There are some good restaurants in Riyad, go to the souks (markets) shop for antiques, bedouin jewelry, rugs, etc, and be sure to bargain hard. I advice you not to drive yourself, but hire a driver. Life can get complicated if you are in an accident. Also, don't speak to any of their ladies, dress conservatively, be aware of prayer times (everything closes) take and drink NO alcholol. Weather will still be hot. We found the desert facinating--ask some of the Expats where to go. You can visit a bedouin encampment if you go with a tour group. Go to Durea (sp?) which is the old capital, El kharj, the Red sands, Grafitti Rock, D.Q., the camel trail up the escarpment, Wadi Hanifa, Taif, The Bata Souk (don't go on Friday morning as that is when they have executions, if there is to be one). Talk to the locals, as many Saudi's are english speaking. All the shops are open in the eveniing, but some are reserved for women only--don't even think of going there. A strange and wonderful culture, and we still have many good friends there...will return also in the late fall. Email us if you need more information.
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Jun 20th, 2001, 06:28 PM
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hi i have been going crazy trying to find someone who could give me a little information about saudi travel. i am 21 from america and trying to get all information about going there i am trying to go because i am going to marry a man from sudan. he is a lawyer in jeddah and he tells me he will come to usa 4 me but i do not want to wait i want to go know plz if you anyway i can get there soon e-mail me back thank you very much.
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