safety in nairobi


May 2nd, 2003, 07:04 AM
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safety in nairobi

It is me again. First, thank you Clematis for all your information, especially the website regarding safety in Kenya. Regarding my possible trip to Kenya - I am not a faculty member so my trip is not paid for - they are quoting flights to Kenya now b/t 1500 and 1900 $ and then $100 a day for food/lodging at the TDC Center (The Taita Discovery Center - an ecotourism/volunteer work residence). Once day we plan to do a local safari but the rest will be spent in the area with local a local conservationist and the villagers.

An added concern has been what I hear about Nairobi - we will be spending a night there on each leg of the trip. Is it really as bad as websites and my trip leader say it is? How worried do I need to be about all the sickness and disease I read about - really has me concerned ):
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May 2nd, 2003, 02:01 PM
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Your trip leader who has been there 8 times and who wants you to come has told you it's bad...? Then he's probably not lying. That website is pretty much a mirror of what the US state dept says as well. And the Lonely Planet health guidebook to Africa. Just because someone has gone there and come back disease-free does not mean that all those sources are wrong. There is a lot of disease in Africa and you have to know about how to prevent it.
Re: the flights, with price wars today sometimes it is better to buy your ticket from a large city and then buy a ticket to that city separately (rather than through the African carrier).
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