Safety in Nairobi

Jun 19th, 2001, 06:28 AM
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Safety in Nairobi

Will be in Kenya on a Micato safari starting on July 18. We are spending an extra day/nite in Nairobi (Norfolk Hotel) since there was a $2000 difference in airfare to return back to the U.S. the day the safari ends. Have been advised that it may not be a good idea for two women to be wandering the streets of Nairobi alone, and hiring a Kenyan guide is adviseable. Micato said they could hire a guide and driver for us for about $175. Does this sound reasonable? Is this really necessary? Thanks for your input.


Jun 19th, 2001, 10:05 AM
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Yes to both your questions Lynn
Jun 19th, 2001, 11:53 AM
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Agree - get the guide. There are lots of interesting places to go in Nairobi and the surrounding area, but I definitely wouldn't go alone.

I went on a Micato safari a few years ago - it was great! Have a wonderful time.
Jun 19th, 2001, 10:00 PM
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Yes get a guide. The Norfolk is not in a good place to be walking around on your own. We stayed on the outskirts of town that had large grounds with all sorts of Cafe's and shops. We picked up a lady at the Norfolk on our way on a tour of Tanzania and she said that she was afraid to go out the front door by herself.
Jun 20th, 2001, 02:57 PM
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We stayed at the Mayfair Holiday Inn and when we started out the door one day the doorman told us to get a safety deposit box and leave everything we own in it if we were going out even our passports. We did that and left for about a block and turned around and came back, just decided to take it easy and relax by the pool the rest of the day and have a beer, Tusker, the hotel had beautiful grounds and very relaxing and shady. We were tired anyway so it proved to be the right decision. Vintage Africa took us to lunch at Carnarvors and we had a great lunch in one of the world's most unique restaurants. Have fun, Buck
Jun 27th, 2001, 12:06 PM
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My wife and I just returned from Kenya yesterday on a A and K custom safari. We spent a day in Nairobi (and overnight at the Norfolk) at the beginning. Believe me, you don't want to be in Nairobi without a guide close at hand. That day, we went around for an afternoon with the AK driver and the van. They charged $60 for the afternoon, about 4 hours. That's all the time and more needed to see everything, unless you want to do a lot of shopping. He drove us all around town, pointed out everything important, and took us to the Museum, which was good, paid for the admission, waited for us for about an hour. Gave him $5 tip. $175 sounds outrageous if it is to drive around for a few hours to see Nairobi. I don't know about places to see outside the city. That night, we took a taxi into town (get it from the doorman at Norfolk) to get pizza which we brought back to the hotel. The fare was 400 shillings (~$5) roundtrip. Taxi tip is usually 10%, but he shepparded us through town, which was necessary, gave him 200 sh tip. He was great, and it looked like he really needed it. Email for more info.

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