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focsam Feb 10th, 2008 03:45 PM

Safety in Johennesburg.
My friend and I are planning a trip to South Africa, we would like to go to Kurger National Park then Cape town.

We have to land in Johennesburg first. However, we heard the crime rate is sharpely increase in recent few years. I'm a bit of worry the safety as a female. Could anyone tell me how safe/danger there?

We would like to take a tour from Johennesburg to Kurger via car or bus tour, does anyone have any recommandation and how.

Thanks a lot

laguna92688 Feb 11th, 2008 12:48 AM

i live here and it is completely lethal. CPT is hardly any better with countless hijackings, shootings, tourist buses being held up at gun point with the travellers being mugged of everything. Over 100 cars are stolen from the Waterfront each day which is one of the relatively safe places.
The rate of rape in SA is one every minute.

KayeN Feb 11th, 2008 02:18 AM

Hi Focsam

I don't usually answer these type of questions, because you usually get a lot of reasonable responses. Given that this time you haven't I will say the following -

I always land in Johannesburg but in the last few visits, I have left to the Sabi Sands the same time.

In January of this year I did have to drive from Sabi Sands back to Johannesburg as all flights were cancelled, and though I would not have called it a tour as we were in a real rush to make an international flight - the 6.5 hours did pass quite quickly as the scenery for the most part was quite stunning.

I did spend five nights in Capetown in 2001, and I had two nieces with me aged 8 and 10 and at no time did I feel unsafe with the girls.

You certainly need to be cautious in any large city when you do not know the area but by booking tours with reliable companies, I would proceed ahead, as these companies should know where you can be as safe as possible.

Sorry I cannot help with specific company names or agents, but I am sure others will know, otherwise do a search in the areas you are wishing to visit and read what others have to say.

Kind regards


cary999 Feb 11th, 2008 01:29 PM

We have driven from JNB airport, Avis rental car, to Kruger in 2006 and 2007. Also as part of same trips from Kruger to MalaMala and to Hoedspruit (Kings Camp). From JNB to Kruger it is mostly expressway, tollway, driving, fast and easy -but- on the wrong side of the road - for Americans. No problems, but not driving around JNB city, just got car and got on expressway to Kruger. That is the only driving we have done in SA, nothing around CPT.

regards - tom
ps - I do not think the scenery between JNB and Kruger is anything special. Unless you go up to around the Hoedspruit area then it is pretty.

cary999 Feb 11th, 2008 01:36 PM

Kaye - ". . . Sabi Sands back to Johannesburg as all flights were cancelled"
I don't recall this, what was the problem? Flights are SAA. Was it the problem with plane type that Nationwide had the engine problem (I think) with?

regards - tom

tuckeg Feb 11th, 2008 01:40 PM

The airport is east of Jo'Burg, so no need to go there at all. As of late 2006, there were sections of the highway east of Jo'urg with warning signs indicating that car jacking had occurred and one should only stop if there was an emergency. I would plan to do all my driving in daytime and avoid Jo'Burg and you should be fine.

suzic Feb 11th, 2008 04:47 PM

I have travelled alone and with my sister to Joberg in the last three years. This year I spent 4 nights in Joberg by myself, and never felt afraid for my safety. I live in Los AnNgeles, and we also are quite likely to have had similar crime rates in the last ten years as Joberg (along with any other large metropolitan US city).
I would be careful, when driving, keep the windows up, and keep distance between you and the car in front of you at all stop lights to escape if necesssary. Keep your purse on the floor or in the trunk (boot). I would also not keep all of my money in one or two places (just in case).

Just be safe- there are people who will do anything to survive, and survive is just what they are trying to do (in some cases).

Go, Be aware, and have a wonderful time!

KayeN Feb 11th, 2008 05:34 PM

Hi Tom

In January of this year, we were to catch a small charter flight to Nelspruit, which was cancelled due to the weather, so we drove to Nelspruit. On arrival in Nelspruit, our flight and the next flight to Johannesburg were cancelled due to fog. Our flight left at 1.30pm which didn't allow for a lot of time, so luckily the lady who drove us the first leg was able to drive us to Johannesburg which we made by 12.30pm and we just made the plane.

I found the trip was really quite scenic even though we did it at a fast pace, and only stopped once for fuel. The 6.5 hours just flew by as the driver was an easy person to talk to, and my niece virtually read the whole trip!

I would prefer the flight but not an option on that trip!

Kind regards


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