Safari to Kenya/Tanz


May 18th, 1997, 08:30 PM
Joe Callahan
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Safari to Kenya/Tanz

planning safari trip in Sept. Please advise re:field glasses(power,etc.), camera lenses, and appropiate clothing.
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Jun 20th, 1997, 11:02 AM
Bob Kohout
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Most good binocs will be fine; a good driver will put you within 40 feet of the animals. It gets cool in the evening: The altitude is over 5k in many areas. The rim of Ngorogoro is over 6k. Days in the north of Kenya are very hot as well as the nights.
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Jun 22nd, 1997, 04:27 PM
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a 100 to 300 zoom is a good idea for close-ups and a 10x zoom on a video camera is a good idea. Most important will be plenty of film, batteries and dust proof carrying bags and lots of lense cleaning fluid, paper and a dust "blower". Be patient when watching animals of prey (lions, etc.) and you'll be well rewarded. If you want to learn a little swahili before you leave, visit Yale University's swahili site. It's a great language.
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Jun 28th, 1997, 07:31 AM
Will Geiger
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Depending on how/where you're going a dust mask is a must! The roads can be very dusty, and the vans tend not to be air conditioned. The paper filter painter's masks work great. You'll see lots of kids. Balloons and old, used sports tee shirts are a big hit. I stocked up at garage sales, and gave them away. Kenya/ Tanzania are cool (50's or even 40's for morining drives), and 80+ during the day, but low humidity. I spent 18 days there several years ago, and can't wait to go back. Have fun.
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