Safari in June


May 21st, 2005, 11:15 PM
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Safari in June

I'm off on June 1st for one month on a trip to Nairobi-Masi Mara- then to Rwanda and the gorillas for 5 days then Tanzania and 8days Tarangiere, Ngorongoro and Serengeti then flying down to Zanzibar for 4days.
I'm a woman in my 50's travelling alone. A few things I'd like to hear more about.
Any tips on safety in Nairobi I'm staying at the New Stanley Hotel.
I am a keen photographer, can I have a camera visible and not worry every second it will be stolen.
How cold is it really at this time of the year.
Anyone been to Rwanda to see the gorillas?
Its just me a cook and a driver but staying in permanent tents and a few lodges in the safari parks.
Any hints from previous travellers appreciated.
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May 22nd, 2005, 07:37 AM
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What a wonderful trip!

How cold?

Very warm and pleasant midday, perhaps reaching even 80 F in Kenya. Zip-off shorts are a good idea. At night it can get down to 50s. Crater was cold at night, maybe mid-40s. Rwanda will not reach 80s, maybe 70s and cold at night, could be low 40s or colder. Of course you could hit a warm or cold spell, altering these #s. Dressing in layers is the key.

As a woman in my 40s who always seems to go alone, I take cabs, arranged by the hotel in Nairobi, and am out only during the day. Lock my valuables in the hotel safe and never had a problem. Don't know about the camera. I did not take mine out in Nairobi, except on tours to Giraffe Center, etc. where I was driven from the hotel to the attraction and back. Could you take a small point & shoot for your city stay? Showing your camera for the safari part of the trip will be fine, as everyone has at least one out, around the neck, etc.

Rwanda--Great call! I was there in July 2004. Pleasant temperatures for hiking to see gorillas, not hot and humid at all. I barely was sweating, but not cold either. Wore just a light long sleeved shirt, to protect from stinging nettles. You may want another layer for the first hour or so. Take adequate rain gear for yourself and camera.

I'd suggest hiring a porter. Personally, I benefitted from having them carry my stuff. It can be tricky footing and tripping once on a trek is not that uncommon and you don't want to fall on year camera and break it. Plus it employs more people.

If you go to the Suza gorilla group, you may see a pair of twins that will have just turned 1 in May. They have made gorilla history surviving this long, and at this point they have a good chance of making it. Along with their 4-year old sister (who will be 5 when you get there) they were great photographic subjects. So were other gorillas--mothers and babies, blackbacks, silverbacks, juveniles at play. Since you mentioned you are a keen photographer, I'll add that perfect gorilla shots are hard to get but decent memorable ones abound.

I'd do at least 2 gorilla visits. You can also trek to see the golden monkeys, for a fraction of the cost of seeing gorillas. I did and they were fantastic, beautiful creatures. Saw about 20 members of 60-member troop. They were jumping from low branch to low branch, no binoculars needed. You spend an hour with them, just like the gorillas. Photos of the golden monkeys were a little tougher than the gorillas because of their quickness, but I have a few nice ones.

Email for more info if you wish. You may want to post your itinerary for further, more specific comments from others.

It should be a fantastic trip monthlong trip!
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