Safari & Mombasa with a child


Mar 22nd, 2003, 10:18 PM
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Safari & Mombasa with a child

My husband and I are taking our 8 year old boy to Kenya on safari in 2 weeks. Am slightly uncomfortable having never been (hubby has been many times, though). Obviously no walking after dark in Nairobi. Very happy with travel package ( - great FAMILY trip, but what about Mombasa? Staying at Voyager Beach Hotel (end of 15 day tour package).

Any words to the wise - especially in light of traveling with child?


Slightly (not overly, just slightly) concerned mom.

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Mar 27th, 2003, 12:18 AM
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What a wonderful opportunity for a small child - so many safari companies refuse to take children. You will have a great time in Kenya. Just observe the usual precautions about malaria, sunburn, etc. Make sure he understands that he can't drink water from the tap, or even use it for brushing his teeth. Detailed information on health issues can be found at

Use the same caution in Mombasa as you would in Nairobi, and stay on busy sections of the beach. Your tour guides will be very helpful, so listen to their advice.
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Mar 28th, 2003, 04:23 PM
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What a marvelous time you will have. There are two choices that you might look into that you and your son would love. One is a one night trip from Mombasa to Shimba Hills. It is a small tree-type lodge owned by Block Hotels. Here you are able to see the sable and road antelope, there are bushbabies at the lodge and fish eagles.

Better yet, you are just a two hour drive from Tsavo East National Park which I believe is Kenya's largest park. It isn't nearly as crowded as many parks (indeed I drove for two hours north into the mid-section of the park in January and didn't even see one vehicle!! Tsavo is known for its large elephant herds and large numbers of lions. As with most Kenyan parks, what animals you will see will depend entirely on the rains. It you have had recent rain then the animals disperse from the parks. When it is dry, they return to the parks for food and water.

I would most definitely recommend Satao Tented Camp, particularly in the dry season when hundreds of elephants come to their borehole every day for their water supply. I just returned from there the beginning of February and it was absolutely awesome!! Saw 500 - 1,000 elephants a day right in front of my tent. There were children there in January when I was there.

The most important thing is to prepare any child and explain the importance of following the rules precisely while on safari. Stay on the paths, don't run off on your own, have an adult with you at all times, and if you have an elephant standing right next to your vehicle and the driver/guide asks for silence it means NOW. If your child is reasonable about following orders then he should have a magnificent time. Be sure to take lots of photos and videos as your son will enjoy them for years to come.

Don't worry, just enjoy - you will want to return again and again.


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