Sabi Sand To Victoria Falls Air Transfers?

Feb 9th, 2006, 05:50 PM
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Thanks for your reply. Three game drives a day is new for me, always had two. The vehicle was open sided yes, not the windowed van used a lot in Kenya? I will request Samuel the elder. (He is at Lil Gov or Moran?) What time of the year were you there? And what game did you see the most of? I don't know about the balloon ride, there seem to be many opinions about it although most are positive.
II Moran camp (another Gov. camp)seems interesting, do you know if it is an easy transfer between there and Lil Gov? Might request to spend two of the five nights there.

Nairobi - we'll leave for home from their. Anything in Nairobi you have enjoyed doing or seeing?
Many Thanks
regards - tom
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Feb 10th, 2006, 04:29 AM
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Haven't done the balloon ride either. It would take away from my ground time and photo ops of wildlife. I couldn't stand it if I'd miss something on the ground. Poor rationale but I equate it with never wanting to skip a dive. ;-)

I have been to the camps in both July and end of Feb. Both times were great.
Trying to return yet again end of June of this year after gorilla trekking.

Last trip, we witnessed a cheetah and cubs stalking & killing a tommie. You don't realize how quickly the cheetah can run until you do see it in person. Amazing speed.

Other highlights from last year, to name a few, included:
Pack of hyenas stealing a kill from a cheetah.
Wildebeest giving birth to a newborn.
Huge herds of wildebeest w/ their young. And huge herds of the different antelopes.
Eles mating & huge herd of eles.
Huge pride of lions w/ lots of cubs.
Lions mating.
Secretary bird killing cobra.
Mongooses in stand-off w/ cobra.
Ele directly in front of our tent.
Male & female lion w/ very young cub.
Lions w/ zebra kill & hiding it in the bush.
And of course, the wonderful sunrises & sunsets.

Samuel 'the elder' is mainly at Il Moran but if you request him specifically, he will be your guide at any of the Gov. camps.
Make sure you refer to 'the elder' because there is a younger guide named Samuel as well.
The transfer is easy between the two camps as they aren't too far apart. I just like the setting at Il Moran a little better.

Il Moran is a little more expensive so you may have to pay the price difference. I think it's worth it, especially if Lil Gov's is near capacity.

I've done the Karen Blixen home tour and done the Giraffe Manor/Park thing in Nairobi.
Both are interesting and only take up a half a day at most.
I have yet to visit the Sheldrick orphanage so you might want to try and do that.
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Feb 13th, 2006, 04:22 AM
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to Jasher : 100 % sure that we were staying in Londolozzi Tree camp (september 2005) and I do maintain that suites were a bit 'tired 'oors out of their hinges things like that. Also I thought that too little attention was given to presentation. For instance not even on arrival there was a bedcover (which looks so nice on their publicity photos), in the bathroom there was no simple face cotton (I don't think that is being diffiicult ) no slippers or robes (I must admit they were brought when we asked for them. Also I fully agree that one can do without but when you pay about 14000 R per night??? I think that then you expect the little extra and not the little less.!!!
However,the drives have been fantastic we have seen a lot of leopards, 7 lion cubs etc etc.
Thannks for your suggestion I did not know I could book through Rocco now and just finalized my booking through a captown agent I know, so I hope made a good deal as it is too late for this time! Thanks anyway Ivee
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