SA gets better all the time


Jul 9th, 2004, 08:46 AM
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SA gets better all the time

Jim & I returned in mid-June from our latest trip to South Africa. The three weeks-plus that we spent there constituted one of our best trips ever to South Africa. I won't do a "trip report" in the usual sense (except to say that the game viewing was fabulous, even without seeing leopards.)

The thing I want to comment on is the general level of economic improvements we saw. Everywhere we went, even in the quite remote rural areas, we saw dozens and dozens of children going to and from school, far more than we've noticed before. Local people confirmed that the government is making good headway in getting most children into school. We also noticed more than the usual number of "house for sale" ads in the newspapers. Again we asked local people about it, and a realtor told us that housing prices are high, and the market is booming as never before. He told us that there is great confidence in the future, and people are putting their money on it. Everywhere we went we sensed great optimism.

SA's prosperity is also affecting Swaziland. For example, the roads are orders of magnitude better than they were on our last visit there.

I realize this isn't really a travel topic, but I just wanted people to know that ten years into the New South Africa, the changes in the country are looking very good to this interested foreigner.
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Jul 9th, 2004, 12:20 PM
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I couldn't agree more. Celia.
My family and I were there in May and while it was our first visit, we were amazed by the optimism and pride shown by the South Africans. The country has so much to offer and people are working very hard to overcome the past. We were impressed by developments in the townships as well as the push to improve the schools and reduce crime. Being a newspaper addict, I was also impressed by the articles I read on the fairness of the court system. There is also an incredible push to include all South Africans in the building of this young country.
If SA keeps on going this way the sky is the limit!
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