Royal Air Morocco


Oct 7th, 1998, 06:42 AM
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Royal Air Morocco

Has anyone flown Royal Air Morocco? I will be going from JFK to Casablanca to Marrakesh. How is the service. Is there smoking and or drinking? How was the service?

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Oct 12th, 1998, 03:52 PM
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service is great-flew casablanca to montreal on airmorocco-smoking and drinking are allowed, service is great, lots of leg room.
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Nov 16th, 1998, 10:10 AM
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Flew r/t Royal Air Maroc just a couple of weeks ago: no smoking, but there is alcohol served. The food is excellent, the staff is pleasant, the bathrooms and plane in general are clean. Great little packet with booties and very soft sleep mask.

If your flight is a direct connection in Casablanca, DON'T get confused and get into the line for exiting in Casablanca and go through - THREE - hours of waiting to be processed by immigration. Make sure you go upstairs to the "transfer" area...still a nightmare, but at least there are fewer people.
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