Restaurant Suggestions in Fez and Casablanca?

Dec 19th, 2005, 01:19 PM
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Restaurant Suggestions in Fez and Casablanca?

I'm hoping Jenmaroc will read this and offer her suggestions but of course we will appreciate anyone and everyone's recommendations.

There are four of us traveling on our trip to Morocco in March. We have more than enough suggestions and recommendations for Marrakech but our list is a little thin for Casablanca and Fez.

We have two nights in Casablanca-one at the beginning where we would like something fairly simple as we will be tired after our long flight from California and will be getting up early the following morning. We also will spend our last night in Casablanca as we will have an early flight the following morning. We would love a suggestion for a special "last night in Morocco" dinner.

We have 3 nights in Fez. So far we've come up with La Maison Bleue and L'Ambra. Any comments or additional suggestions would be appreciated. A meal at a French restaurant would be fine.

Thanks in advance!
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Dec 19th, 2005, 02:08 PM
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Fes can be a little challenging in terms of good restaurants. The Ville Nouvelle really has nothing to offer. The Maison Bleue is a good option. I've actually never heard of L'Ambra...but I'll ask around and see what I can turn up.

I'm not sure where you're staying, but generally riads offer good meals for their guests. I know Michel Trezzy does wonderful food at Ryad Mabrouka.

The Moroccan restaurant (and the French restaurant, for that matter) at the Palais Jamaii are very good. The price is roughly in line with that of the Maison Bleue.

For a simpler meal or lunch, the Medina Cafe outside of Bab Boujeloud is charming.

I'm not so up-to-date on good restaurants in Casa. There is a good seafood place near the port called Taverne du Dauphin. There is also a lively little place called Bodega. Its a bar/ restaurant and has a nice lively vibe (depends on your mood). There is also a place called Rick's Place (no joke) that an American woman opened a couple years ago. I've heard that it is really good - maybe one to check out. If you do, let me know how it is!

Hope that helps... if I think of anything else, I'll check back in.
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Dec 19th, 2005, 03:24 PM
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That was quick! You must be up awfully early.

Your response was quite helpful. We are actually staying at Ryad Mabrouka and it didn't even cross my mind to eat there. But now it has!!

I've also heard good things about Rick's Place. Somehow the name of it made me cringe and think it was a bit kitchy. Maybe we'll reconsider.

Thanks again!!
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Dec 19th, 2005, 03:39 PM
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well, you know what they rest for the wicked....

Rick's Cafe (not Place, sorry) is run by a woman named Kathy Kriger. It was recommended to me by the ex American Ambassador to Morocco. I saw a feature on it in Maisons du Maroc, a sort of Better Homes and Gardens Morocco-style, and it looked really charming and not corny at all. I plan to drop by on my next trip to Casa...whenever that is.

You'll love Mabrouka!
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Dec 27th, 2005, 11:45 AM
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Hi there,

That's right. in Casablanca Rick's Cafe is nice.
I'm from Casablanca and this city is all but not Moroccan So it's a real challenge to eat Moroccan there, unless you're invited by a Moroccan host.
You will find plenty of guides on restaurant in the hotels.
One of the most important moroccan restaurant in the City is called the Mounia (downtown).
You can also check this website
Otherwise you have a lot of International restaurants: here's few

- Kiotori or Matsuri : japanese food
- Thai Gardens: Thai food
- Spasso: Italian
- La bavaroise / l'Aeropostale: French food
- Cabestan / A ma bretagne: very good french restaurant with fish speciality. Expensive
- You can also eat some good french pastries at Paul or Les Freres Gourmets
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Dec 28th, 2005, 06:00 AM
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La Maison Bleue in Fez is a terrific choice. I would also recommend checking out a new Riad The owner is an American woman, Jen Smith, by way of London and Syria--She did a phenomenal job rehabbing the riad in the Medina over the past couple of years. She is also a Cordon Bleu Graduate and you can make dinner reservations as well as staying at the property. Check out their website as the place is elegant, reasonable, and Jen knows almost everything about Fez.
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Jan 5th, 2006, 10:31 AM
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Here are some Fes restaurants I like:

Fez Medina:

Kasbah, Bab Boujloud.
Medina Cafe, just outside Bab Boujloud next to the bank.
Restaurant la Medina, Derb il Hammam in Guerniz.
Ryad Mabrouka, need reservations.
Palais Jamai, great lunch buffet on terrace and superb French cuisine in the evening; The Moroccan restaurant, open only in the evening, is part of the original palace and is fantastic, perhaps the most beautiful place to dine in Fez.
La Maison Bleue, excellent. Good live oud (lute) and Gnaoua music. Dinner only.
Palais de Fes, Riseef, near Cinema Amal, great food and terrace.
Riad Lune et Soleil, outstanding, but have to be staying there.
Dar Roumana, wonderful food and atmosphere, need reservations.

Ville Nouvelle

Zagora, Mohammed V near the Au Derby shoe store, very good Moroccan and Continental food.
Chez Vittorio, off Mohammed V across from Hotel Central. Wonderful salads, onion soup, meat dishes.
Jnan Palace; Italian and Moroccan restaurants, the latter open only in the evening; best pizza and pasta in Fez. Very good Moroccan food and beautiful live music in traditional, but newish, setting.
La Trois Sources, Route du Immouzer on the outskirts of the Ville, need to take a taxi. Excellent food, great fresh fish (try the mountain trout).

In Casablanca go to the fish restaurant in the port (port du peche). It's wonderful and not too expensive. There are two places: I much prefer the one right in front of you, not the one on the right.

Happy Dining!
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Jan 11th, 2006, 01:02 PM
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Hi - Take it from me that Rick's Cafe is a very authentic recreation of a legendary restaurant that never existed! Not kitchey at all, rather I wanted people to think that just maybe it did exist back in the 40's and inspired the film. Looking forward to seeing you.
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Jan 20th, 2006, 10:43 AM
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We recently stayed at the Riad Mabrouka in was a beautiful place and we arranged a dinner couldn't have been a more romantic spot and the meal was delicious
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Jan 21st, 2006, 09:46 AM
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Thanks everyone.

Based on your suggestions we'll dine at Rick's Cafe, La Maison Bleue and Ryad Mabrouka. Madame Rick, if that's really you, we'll see on March 16!
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