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Nov 7th, 2001, 03:05 PM
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response to chris

Thank you for terrific photos--I hope I can get some good ones. I'm going to K&T on Feb. 3rd. What was the electricity situation in reference to charging the camcorder batteries? Also, were laundry facilities available? I'm packing extremely light and I plan on doing hand wash as needed. Any other info would be appreciated. Thanks. Felicia
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Nov 7th, 2001, 09:07 PM
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Thanks for the compliments-but I'm afraid the photos have nothing to do with my skill but with the wonderful animals and how close we got to all of them. They were all taken from our video shots using an editing software. The camcorder we used was a Canon Ultura with 16x/(320 digital) zoom, the important thing was the built in optical image stabilizer!

Electricty outlets are the British type. Our Camcorder plug already has an automatic convertor just needed the adaptor. We had 2 battery packs, would normally only use up 1 a day and recharge it fully while we slept at night (at least at the lodges, recharged right after late afternoon game drive and during dinner at the Camp as electricty was shut off after midnight). Note that most of our video shots were taken using only the viewfinder, as opposed to using the built-in video screen as that uses up batteries MUCH quicker. If your preference is the video screen get at least 4 battery packs-and make sure they are all recharged every night.

Our camcorder is very light and compact, of course took it as carry on. We used 4 DVcassetes but took 6. We had heavy duty medium sized padlocks for all our bags (not the flimsy ones anyone can open) as well as special locks with a lightweight cable on them for securing our luggage to a heavy piece of furniture in our rooms-so while at meals, the pool, sleeping, we just put all our camera equipment and valuables in our luggage.

On drives I handled the Camcorder while my spouse took SLR shots.

Laundry was available everywhere, advise only use when staying more then one night in the same place though. And it's not as cheap as some people before have suggested. Average $1 per piece. Things dried fairly quick on the dry days, as I'm sure you will have in Feb. I packed a bit too much (mainly because it was really too cold for shorts) , you don't really need that much on Safari. What I really did appreciate was my Safari hat and long sleeve-shirt that I bought from (both about $30). Wore them both every day. The Safari shirt was a blessing when it was hot, it surprisingly kept me much cooler having it on and arms fully covered, well designed and it worked as just the right amount of warmth when I needed it. baseball hats don't really work-too windy on the drive

I will post this on the other thread too.
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