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reminiscing... anecdotes and characters from Egypt...


Jul 26th, 2003, 11:26 PM
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reminiscing... anecdotes and characters from Egypt...


As you dont go to Egypt without these memories, I wondered if anyone was interested in sharing them here for others going after us? Everything from those little areas you see that are the quintisential experience (ahwa opposite Windsor Hotel in Cairo - having sheesha and coffee/mint tea whilst the kids there shine your shoes. Take a notes book and pens to give them as well as 5 guinea and theyll love you), to good places for internet access (around the corner from Helnan Shepherd InternetEgypt on Midan Simon Bolivar) to must dos (buy real egyptian cotton towles and sheets for bargain prices at the Government Store on Midan Talaat Harb) and visit the night souk near Minda Orabi and Tawfiqqiyya in Downtown area...

Theres just so many memories I came back from there with, and so much more i want to do next time, Im sure others must be as interested as I am to hear our tales...

Who's first up?? Sandi - you seem to have a lots of knowledge??
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Jul 27th, 2003, 05:53 AM
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PerthGirl -

You got me - but then I'm probably up the earliest on the East Coast (NYC).

There are probably lots to remember and even more to draw one back again and again, but do recall our last day which we just do to last minute shopping. It was a Sunday and when we got in taxi from the Sheraton El Gezirah (on the island in middle of Nile) the taxi driver said bazaar was closed??? I said to him, "the bazaar is never closed, maybe some shops, but closed? no way".

Sure enough the shops were first opening and we managed to get lots of what we needed. Though the jewelry shops were closed those alleys were empty and we found ourselves walking here as crowds started to fill up the other alleys. All of a sudden a young Egyptian boy beckons us to follow him, but we both hesitated, he insisted he wanted to take us to a great shop. My friend didn't want to go as we followed up and down empty alleys - my response, "hey we might be two women and small, but we're still bigger then he is".

So we continued and then he started to ascend some steps - here we paused, but then we saw a western couple exiting, we we figured it was safe. And it was!

I don't remember the name, we we walked into a shop with walls and walls of absolutely beautiful real papyrus pieces. Not those on banana leaf with all the gold. We spent a few hours selecting the pieces we wanted. The owner brought us iced water and tea and offered little snack foods.

When finally ready to leave, they had one phone line for the credit card machine. We learned that this company does all the work for the government and all the various flight crews shop here.

The young women working there was so lovely she offered to escorted us to the one jewelry shop that was open and helped us bargain for some alabaster items at another shop.

Sometimes you just have to go with your gut - it was a surprising successful shopping venture.

And, of course, the experience of watching AIDA at the Pyramids. An absolutely beautiful performance with the Pyramids at your background. The sand covered with carpets so women didn't get sand in their shoes or their heels sink in. It was all so perfect.

I know there were others - have to get out my diary and go through that - will post latter.

My next venture to Egypt, hopefully, will be out to the Western Desert.
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