Ramadan in Egypt and Jordan


Nov 23rd, 1998, 01:41 PM
Tony Bonner
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Ramadan in Egypt and Jordan

I'm going to be in Israel, Egypt and Jordan during the last 3 weeks of January 1999. This will be my first time in the Middle east, and I understand that Ramadan is during this period. Does anyone know the exact dates of Ramadan? (My travel agent, and two guides books have all given me different dates.)

Also, I have heard that the week after Ramadan is rather festive and that this is a bad time to travel in the muslim world. Is this true?

I was thinking of booking my first nights' accomodations in Egypt and Jordan before I leave, and then looking for cheaper accomodations after I arrive. (I always do this in Europe). Is this feasible in Egypt and Jordan? Is it feasible during Ramadan? Considering that I am travelling during Ramadan, might it be better to join a tour group, to ensure that my accomodations and transportation are guaranteed? (China is the only place I have ever had to do this.)

Finally, how easy is it to get around with English? (I imagine that it will be more difficult than in Europe, but easier than in China.)

--Tony Bonner

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Nov 23rd, 1998, 09:41 PM
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Hi Tony,

I traveled in the Mid.East many times but never in Ramadan. Two days ago I talked to a friend of mine, he's Jordanian, and he says R. starts on Dec.19 this year. I actually wanted to go to Jordan myself in late Dec., but he
didn't recommend it since even he (Christian arab) can't celebrate Christmas this year properly.
But at the same time Lonely Planet says
that R. starts on 31 Dec.
Should you want to ask anything else please e-mail me.

Bye, Timur.

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Dec 11th, 1998, 04:53 PM
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I was in Egypt during Ramadan about l5 years ago. It fell in June. Let's just say that blonde, blue-eyed women traveling alone don't have an easy time of it in Egypt, especially during Ramadan.

Man or woman, I would suggest modest dress and do not eat or drink in public during the day if you can help it.. I must admit I did take a water bottle with me everywhere. However, I drank from it surreptitiously so as not to offend anyone in my vicinity. .
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Dec 21st, 1998, 08:48 AM
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Ramadan is now and the Moslem holds this period most sacred. The streets are subdued during the dawn to sunset period but then there is a break to the fasting with much feasting among families. It is best to adhere to the customs of the country you are in adn refrain or at least be surreptious about eating in the open.

There is no need to book rooms in advance - there are ample hotel rooms in the area.

I have 15 years experience in the area
and will answer questions.
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