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Mar 2nd, 1999, 04:49 AM
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proper attire

My wife an I are going to Morocco next week. We have read a lot about proper attire for women - have only head and hands showing. But what about men. Do the same rules apply or are short sleeve shirts OK? What about sandals, with and without socks?
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Mar 2nd, 1999, 11:24 AM
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Maybe third time is a charm:
Three American women spent two weeks in Morocco in short-sleeved t-shirts and knee length shorts and skirts and "dockers". Though Moslem, Morocco is not strict like Sa'udi Arabia, and Moroccan women wear western dress as well as the full head to toe outfit. We observed custom and 1) did not wear sleeveless, cropped or tight tops and 2) did not wear tight pants or short shorts. Sandals are ethically ok, but the cities are VERY dirty so closed shoes make more sense. You can't enter mosques, so the religious right/wrongs never come into play. My one strong recommendation: hire a guide to visit the medinas, and use only those hired through your hotel or through the tourist office. These are government licensed OFFICIAL guides, and are not in on the "hustler" attitude of the touts offering their services at the train station. DON'T DON'T DON'T get involved with one of these guys; it's a pure con and you'll end up in a rug shop being pushed to buy with the threat you'll be left to wander in the medina alone. The government guides are also very, very knowledgeable and are worth the US$25 (!!!) they charge for a FULL DAY.
Enjoy yourselves; the Moroccans are very, very gracious; warm, welcoming and really want tourists to visit their country (most of the American tourists stopped visiting during Desert Storm, and haven't returned - we tend to not know our geography real well and lump Morocco in with Kuwait).
We intend to watch the 1/1/00 sunrise camped out in the Sahara....that's how much we enjoyed the country!
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Mar 20th, 1999, 04:22 PM
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Just got back from a trip to Morocco. I stuck to long sleeve shirts and pants most of the time--after all, in March it is a bit chilly (think San Francisco). I had been concerned about modest dress s well but it turned out to not be that big a deal. The Moroccans we ran into seemed used to tourists--and even in Berber villages, locals seemed totally nonplussed by our short sleeve shirts and long shorts (though we did steer clear of halter tops, tanks and short skirts or shorter shorts). We got some comments in the city markets and streets on occasion--but it wasn't a big deal and was probably more related to the fact that we were foreigners...Indian women on our trip got shouts of "India! India!" and as a blonde I was subject to "Dutch! Dutch!", "America!", "South Africa!" etc. All pretty harmless.
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