Preparing for the adventure of a lifetime!!


Feb 18th, 1998, 01:43 PM
Ryan Bowles
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Preparing for the adventure of a lifetime!!

Message: Es-salaam w'alaikum. I am posting this in hopes of generating some personal e-mail response (see address above). I have enjoyed reading the postings but don't have time to regularly check back here. I am an employee with the YMCA of the USA preparing to embark on a six-month fellowship with the Egypt YMCA on April 1. The location (country) of my placement was decided for me and I could not be more excited. I, like most Americans, have been ignorant (or apathetic) about Egypt, its culture, and more importantly its people. My research to date has filled me with anticipation, wanderlust, and awe for a country that measures time and history in thousands of years while I see a couple hundred years of history as something worth talking about. I am most curious, however, about the Egypt of today. I want to see the country but am more excited about getting to know its people. I have been told Egyptians are the world's best hosts and I look forward to working with my Egyptian counterparts to break down the barriers of language, culture, religion, and politics and emerge from my experience with lifelong friends. Please feel free to e-mail me with advice, words of wisdom, or stories of your travels. Thank you.
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